Kanji Cheat Sheet: Filing Taxes in Japan

Make filing taxes a little less of a headache.

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Filing taxes in Japan can seem like a daunting prospect. However, with a few key terms, you will soon be filing like a professional accountant—no briefcase or perfectly pressed suit required.

We’ve all been there. Smiling in anticipation as we open our first payslip, but when we open the letter, the amount is a lot smaller than we expected. You try to work out why, but it’s full of complicated kanji like しょとくぜい (income tax) and しゃかいけん (social insurance).

Get that refund!

Different types of taxes

The answer to your decreased wages is that most of us have deductions beyond income tax like social insurance and resident’s tax (じゅうみんぜい). For the most part, these are simply the expenses that come with living and working in Japan.

Here are some taxes that all of us need to get familiar with.

English Kanji Romaji
National tax 国税 Koku-zei
Local tax 地方税 Chihou-zei
Resident’s tax 住民税 Jyuumin-zei
Income tax 所得税 Sho-toku-zei
Consumption tax 消費税 Sho-hi-zei
Property tax 固定資産税 Kotei-shisan-zei
Automobile tax 自動車税 Jidousha-zei

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