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Kawasaki Warehouse Arcade

The Kowloon City inspired Warehouse Arcade in Kawasaki is one of the coolest arcades just outside of Tokyo, Japan.

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Just outside of Tokyo, in the city of Kawasaki, exists a rare opportunity to travel back in time to the days when the Kowloon Walled City in Hong Kong stood as the lawless and ungoverned neighbourhood it is so famously known for. This opportunity can be found at the Kawasaki Warehouse Arcade. Not at all an ordinary arcade, this establishment is home to the world’s most accurate life-sized replica of the infamous City of Darkness.

History of the Walled City

The history of the Walled City began long before it was named as so. When China still had ownership over the land, the area served as a military outpost. After the end of the imperial dynasties in China, ownership of the Walled City fell to the British, as a result of the lease agreement between China and the UK in 1898. However, the British paid little attention to what they called the Chinese Town, so by the end of the Second World War, many refugees, squatters, and outlaws took up residence in the neighbourhood. It didn’t take long for Chinese triad groups to take advantage of the British’s neglect and establish control over the district.

sunlight was never seen due to the uncontrolled construction of makeshift tower blocks

As a city of anarchy, the dwellers of the Walled City had only their own social norms to follow. And as a result, their standard of living quickly declined. Hygiene was poor, the streets were littered with filth, and sunlight was never seen due to the uncontrolled construction of makeshift tower blocks. Without official governance by neither the Chinese nor the British, the Walled City was a haven for crime, drugs, and prostitution — countless gambling parlours, unlicensed clinics, opium dens, and brothels dotted the city.

It is this version of the Walled City that is replicated on the first two floors of the Kawasaki Warehouse Arcade.

Inside the Warehouse

The allure of the Warehouse can be seen even from the outside, as its rustic exterior stands out among the typical high rise buildings of Japan and makes it easy to spot. As you step through the entrance, you’ll be immediately transported back in time thanks to the precise and remarkable manner in which the Warehouse is decorated. Each piece featured in this theme park was either modelled after images or footage of the Walled City or inspected by a Hong Kong native for authenticity. And apparently, even real trash was taken from the streets of Hong Kong to be placed inside the Warehouse.

Aside from the Walled City, the rest of the Warehouse delivers as advertised. A couple of floors are dedicated to the arcade, where you’ll find a generous selection of video games, including the very first iteration of Capcom’s Street Fighter. Some good fun can also be had from the seemingly easy music-based games, like Dance Dance Revolution. They’re in fact much harder than they appear, so much so that the arcade actually offers free towels to those that participate. Not to worry if you aren’t much of a gamer, as there’s also an area where you can put your pub sports skills to the test. Just take your pick of darts, billiards, or even table tennis.


The Kawasaki Warehouse Arcade is nearest to Kawasaki Station. Please note that although the official website is mostly in Japanese, more information can be found at www.warehousenet.jp.

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