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Kita-Senju Walking Tour: Aimless Wanders Can Do Wonders

Take a stroll and find downtime minutes away from one of Tokyo’s busiest train hubs

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Just like all major train hubs in Tokyo, Kita-senju is a bustling interchange day in and day out. On weekends, it’s popular among shopaholics and families thanks to the two shopping malls, Lumine and Marui. In recent years, however, it’s become a hangout for business professionals who need to unwind over a few beers on weeknights. It’s not unusual to see drunken salarymen swaying and struggling to get to the station or crouching on the pavement as early as 9PM.

One late Sunday afternoon, I decided to wander around the neighborhood as I had some time to kill and needed some fresh air. I had no intention of using Google Maps and just went where my feet took me. Here are some of my discoveries along the way:


From the outside, the KHB Tex-Mex Café & Diner looked inviting with its doors wide open, smiling waitresses, and a fake green parrot perched at the entrance. I had a quick peek and saw the interior was bursting with color, from the couch to the chalk writings on the blackboard. Near the entrance, there was a bookshelf for young guests and a projector screen showing American pop and hip-hop music videos.

The menu is written in English and Japanese and the women behind the kitchen counter spoke pretty good English. As for the food, they serve a selection of beef burgers, sandwiches, rice bowls, and the usual Tex-Mex grub. I tried the taco in soft tortilla first, but I wasn’t impressed. The enchiladas compensated for it and combined with Sol beer, my taste buds were satisfied. The servings weren’t big enough for two so my friend and I ordered the chili cheese potato to fill our greedy tummies. One can’t go wrong with fatty fries topped with chili con carne and melted cheese.


For its price, the cheapskate in me was somewhat satisfied. The friendly staff and the cozy ambience made up for the mediocre taco and strange pop videos. It’s less smoky and quieter than an izakaya, but my vote goes to Japanese grilled food paired with beer this time.

A stone’s throw away from the Tex-Mex restaurant is a small hut with a black cat painted on the wooden exterior. I’m a sucker for street art and a feline lover so it instantly caught my eye. I first thought it was a mini art gallery or some creative shop. When they opened in the evening, I realized it was a tiny neighborhood Japanese bar, but my poor Japanese skills stopped me from entering.

A few snapshots later, I strutted down the street and noticed that I was getting closer to the Arakawa River. I climbed the steps of the riverbanks and let out a subdued “Nice” when I saw the sprawling park and the calmly flowing river.


There were cyclists, joggers, couples enjoying the breeze on the benches, and kids playing catch with their parents. On the far right side is the train bridge, but the noise was inaudible from where I stood. A public space for picnics and baseball games, the Arakawa riverside is also the most ideal spot for watching fireworks adorn and light up the night sky at the annual Adachi Fireworks Festival every summer.

It was a peaceful sight at dawn, perfect for a much-deserved respite away from the zooming trains, commuters weaving their way through the crowd, and racing against time. I vowed to stay longer next time and ride a bicycle by the river. I had to end my mini-getaway and go back to work, now feeling renewed. It’s amazing how wandering outdoors, although purposeless, can do wonders to the spirit sometimes.


Kita-senju Station, West Exit

KHB Tex-Mex Café and Diner
Senju 336
Masuya building 1F
Adachi, Tokyo 120-0034

Opening hours: From 11:30AM to 12:00 AM

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