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Japan Venture Show: The Knowledge Sharing Economy

Can VisasQ remove the stigma of freelance workers and help start a knowledge sharing revolution in Japan?

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In today’s accelerated mobile economy keeping the same job for a long time, which used to be seen a sign of loyalty and stability, is now seen as a lack of ambition.

A popular financial magazine recently reported that the average millionaire in America has seven different sources of income. This statistics reflects the increasing trend of of revenue diversification among entrepreneurs to secure their lifestyle.

In Japan however, changing jobs often is still not well received. Furthermore, seeking additional income sources outside of your main job may be seen as an act of treason against your company. This is what Eiko Hashiba is trying to change with her company called VisasQ.

VisasQ is a crowdsourcing platform where anyone can register and specify their own areas of expertise. The platform is then accessed by businesses, whether companies or investors etc. who can tap into this pool of knowledge and request a consultation with the expert of their choice.

The platform allows companies to access the expertise they need while avoiding the expense of having to hire a full time employee or contract with an expensive consulting company. For the registered individuals, it allows them to share their expertise, while making additional income.

This type of service aims to promote the knowledge sharing economy. And ultimately Eiko hopes to lift boundaries between companies and freelancers and help grow the knowledge sharing economy.

Check out the Japan Venture Show for more episodes on entrepreneurship and the startup scene in Japan.


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    Hi there

    I really like your two heads knowledge exchange picture. I work in UK Government and run a group of knowledge management practioners and I wondered whether I could use the image for a communication?

    Regards John Carney



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