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Kurihama Flower World: Relaxation, and Godzilla

When you need to stop and smell the flowers, the Kurihama Flower World makes a fun day trip from Tokyo.

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If you’re looking for a way to stop and smell the flowers in the busyness of Tokyo life, take a side trip to this peaceful flower park located just outside Yokosuka city central in Kanagawa prefecture.

Kurihama Flower World is well known for its beautiful varieties of flowers throughout the year. In a trip to this park you can experience everything from flower picking to foot baths, all while getting exercise and enjoying the great outdoors.

When you first arrive in the park, it doesn’t seem like much of a flower world. In actuality, you have to either take a train or walk from the base up the mountain to where the flowers begin. It’s a relaxing ride, and lots of fun to see everyone so excited for what’s about to come. The train costs 210¥ for adults and 100¥ for children, one way.


The beautiful Poppy and Cosmos Garden

This is the main attraction, and for no entrance fee! At the end of each season, usually in June and October, you can come to pick the flowers and take them home with you! Its neat to have a piece of the season as a souvenir and appreciate its beauty for more than just a few hours.

The Herb Garden and Footbath

This is a place to truly relax and enjoy the peace that herbs and outdoor baths bring. The herb garden is known to have over 150 different types that you can view, and the footbath incorporates some of the herbs in-season to further relieve stress as you leisurely enjoy this portion of the park.

The Golf Course, Archery Range, and Air Rifle Range

Who knew this place also had sports? If you want to really get that exercise you’ve needed, you can try out one or both of these during your trip. The mini-golf course is 500¥ for adults and 200¥ for children, while the archery and rifle range are 260¥ each per hour.

Adventure Land


For children of all ages as well as Godzilla fans, Adventure Land is the most exciting place in the Kurihama Flower World. There is a large play-place for the kids, but most importantly has one of the world’s largest Godzilla statues! People come from all around to take a picture with “Gojira,” as he is called in Japan.

What adds to the intrigue of this statue is its history. Actually, in the original 1958 version of the film, Gojira came out of the water at the nearby Kannonzaki beach. This statue was then erected in honor of the film. Also, the children can slide down his tail on the slide, its fun for everyone!

When I visited the park with my family, we decided to board the train and let it take us all the way to the top. This is where you can stop at the poppy-cosmos garden for the ultimate view of the flowers. You have different options along the way; you can choose either to stop at the top and walk down, or take the train to the bottom and walk back up through this park. I recommend the second because they serve delicious ice cream at the bottom beside a small souvenir shop.


After walking through the park, we decided to take the long way and walk the rest of the path to the beginning point. You will see young and old alike walking as well as taking the train, so it was great to have different options depending on how you feel throughout the trip. The main path takes you past the Godzilla statue and thankfully across a couple of toilets as well. Before you make it to the bottom, you will come across a view of the ocean and shipyard that makes you remember why you were walking the scenic route.

While I went with my family in October, there are always different flowers to view year round. We arrived in the “flower-picking” stage of the season; hence the fields weren’t quite as full by the time we arrived. Nevertheless, it was a great experience. I definitely want to take a trip back and experience more of what the park has to offer throughout each season.


By train: About 15 minute walk from Kurihama station on the Keikyu line.
By car: About 4km from the Yokohama-Yokosuka tollway

Address: (Japanese)

Address: (English)
Kurihama Flower World
Yokosuka, Kanagawa Prefecture Shinmeicho cho

Phone: 046-833-8282
Website: www.kanagawaparks.com/kurihama-perry


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