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Kyoshin Language Academy

Kyoshin is a great place to gain a deeper insight into not just the language but also the unique combination of old and new that makes Japan such a fascinating country.

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When it comes to mastering Japanese, it’s vital that learners experience the language and culture of these islands in as many different ways as possible. While there’s no doubt that learning the constructions of verbs and the readings of kanji characters is an important skill; students soon find that mastering Japanese involves immersing themselves not just in books, but in experiencing the culture and discovering how the Japanese view the world around them.

To this end, there is no better school to base yourself at than Kyoshin Language school: a perfect mixture of the traditional and modern faces of Japan. Based in the center of Kyoto, Gojokarasuma, this school is within walking distance from renowned cultural landmarks like Kiyomizu shrine, Nishihonganji temple and Nijou castle, and also from the city’s shopping and gourmet areas.

The school itself embraces both the traditional and the modern too. Kyoshin has recently moved into a new building that offers an authentic Japanese atmosphere. This lets students fully immerse themselves in the language in a way that feels authentic. While this traditional feel is great for studying, it is blended with the modern facilities designed to make learning as effective as possible. The school offers free WIFI, state-of-the-art study rooms and quality accommodation located right in the heart of Kyoto.

With this convenient location, there are plenty of opportunities for students to experience the cultural heart of Japan by themselves or to take part in the seasonal events that the school organizes. Or for when you want to experience the more modern face of Kyoto, there are plenty of places to enjoy drinks or nightlife.

Ultimately one of the things that students should look for is authenticity and Kyoshin offers one of the most real experiences available. At the same time as cultivating Japanese for advancing to university or for succeeding in business, the school also places an emphasis on the practical Japanese that students will use to communicate with the people they meet day-to-day. So, as well as teaching the students how to talk, study or work using the Japanese language, the courses also aim to enable the students to have memorable encounters by encouraging them to communicate with local people too.

The best way to get the most out of your stay in Japan is to look for a school that offers you an experience as well as the best of both the modern and the traditional faces of Japan. With its tailored-made courses and its perfect balance of all of these ingredients, Kyoshin is a great place to gain a deeper insight into not just the language, but also the unique combination of old and new that makes Japan such a fascinating country.

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