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Leaving the Café Behind With The Regus Business World Card

Mobile workers can get professional office space for less than they spend on coffee each month with the Regus Business World card.

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Today’s entrepreneurs, freelancers and mobile workers who work out of internet cafes and overpriced coffee chains, typically follow a tried-and-true—but tired— strategy:

  • Scout for a coffee shop that has Wi-fi access
  • Jockey for a seat, trying to find one with a power outlet
  • Feed the meter by buying overpriced coffee
  • Play music on their laptop and plug in headphones to drown out the noise around them
  • Lather, rinse, repeat

Now, there’s a much better way from Regus. It’s the Business World card and it allows access to all of the company’s serviced office locations (regionally or worldwide, depending on the membership) so that untethered workers don’t have to worry about camping out at unproductive coffee shops, worried about how much battery power they have left while getting jittery from overpriced coffee.

The most affordable is the Gold level, which is just ¥2,500 per month and includes access to business lounge work environments, Wi-Fi, refreshments other than coffee and—because it’s Regus—there are locations everywhere (including 700 across Japan, with 46 in Tokyo alone). This is serious office power—your neighborhood latte shop, these are not.

It gets better. Do you need to have client meetings? There’s no need to make up excuses to have them in a hotel café, coffee shop or family restaurant. The Business World card also offers preferred (read: discounted) rates on meeting rooms, video-conferencing suites and day-use offices (the Premium plan even offers private offices).

If you’d prefer to have your own dedicated workspace using a serviced office, the rates using the BusinessWorld card at Regus are more than competitive and gives the competitive digital nomad access to an entire network of locations—so you’re not limited to just one location. Have a client meeting in Tohoku? Use a Regus office to work while you’re there and even book a meeting room if necessary. In addition, the Business World card also gives discounts on things like Avis car rentals, UPS shipping, T- Mobile network access and more.


Business World Card Rates

Businessworld Gold, ¥2,500/month

  • Access to business lounges and cafes in the region selected
  • Unlimited internet
  • Free unlimited refreshments
  • 10% discount on meeting rooms, day offices, co-working and video conference

Businessworld Platinum, ¥95,000/month

  • Access to co-working desks in the region selected
  • Global access to over 1,800 Business Lounges and cafés
  • Unlimited business class internet
  • Unlimited refreshments
  • 10% Discount on meeting rooms, day offices, co-working and video conference

Businessworld Platinum Plus Card ¥128,000/month

  • Access to a private office in the region selected
  • Global access to over 1,800 business Lounges and Cafes
  • Free unlimited business class internet
  • Free unlimited refreshments
  • 10% Discount on meeting rooms, day offices, co-working and video conference

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