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Sex in Japanese: Being Hentai and Talking Dirty in Japanese

The ABCs of sex in Japanese: what to say to turn up the heat in the bedroom (or wherever you may find yourselves... )

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New relationships always come with their share of surprises—some a lot more exciting than others. Yes. I am talking about doing the deed. The horizontal tango, hanky panky or whatever you like to call it.

First times are usually exciting, but often nerve-racking. You might be wondering if your experience will differ from the usual and if language barriers will put a damper on the mood. What can you expect when you want to get frisky with your new Japanese partner?

Thankfully, the bedroom is often an area where the language of love is mostly spoken through gestures rather than words. Even if your Japanese skills are elementary at best, you should be able to navigate your way without the help of a phrasebook. Unless that is, you happen to have a particularly vocal partner.

There is no bigger mood killer than a sudden grammar lesson in the throes of passion.

If you want to impress your partner, try some of these expressions next time you get down to business. A word of advice: to attain the desired effect, talking dirty in bed should always be done with confidence. If you can’t pull off these expressions while sounding natural, better stick to your mother tongue for now.

The ABCs of sex in Japanese

Vocabulary Kana Reading Romaji Reading
penis, dick ちんちん chinchin
vagina, pussy まんこ manko
breasts, boobs おっぱい oppai
It’s so big! / They’re so big! おおきい ookii
You look gorgeous. / They’re gorgeous. (Often used to talk about breasts) すごいきれい sugoi kirei
Lick (or suck) it なめてほしい namete hoshii
It tickles くすぐったい kusuguttai
You can’t! / Don’t do that! だめ dame
Stop やめて yamete
Put it in! / I want it now! いれてほしい irete hoshii
Let’s do it bareback! なまがいい nama ga ii
No, let’s use a condom! なまはだめ nama wa dame
It feels good… きもちいい kimochi ii…
You’re so wet! ぬれてる nureteru
You’re so warm! あったかい attakai
It feels amazing! やばい yabai
Don’t come yet! がまんして gaman shite
I can’t wait any longer がまんできない gaman dekinai
Come! だして dashite
I’m gonna come! いきそう ikisou
I’m coming! いく iku

A quick disclaimer, for words like だめ (dame) and やめて (yamete), remember that depending on the situation, it could actually mean “keep doing that” or “don’t do that.” If you’re not sure, ask.

In Japanese porn, girls often try to appear “demure” by saying no at first, even though they really “want it” but are too embarrassed to say. There’s nothing wrong with a bit of role play in the bedroom, as long as both parties are ok with it.

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  • Guy says:

    I just translated まんこをたべました and it translated to “I ate a pecker” lmmfao I am so glad I check that first! Definitely not saying that!

    • Zimmo says:

      Guy never trust google translate, it almost never helps lol. If you learn Japanese from that you will have Japanese thinking you are very strange.

  • Josh Clein says:

    It is not at all. It could mean either “awesome” or “awful” (English translation is rough) when in a positive or negative context. It’s slang that is very commonly used informally.

  • Darkseid says:

    Or just watch any hentai…

  • Jeremy D Royer says:

    And thus is the reason that American guys in Japan get picked up so easily for sexual assaults… In America no means no, but in Japan no can mean maybe, no, yes, or lets try it out. Talk about mixed signals.

  • DanniSu says:

    My Japanese is poor in comparison to my fiancée and his English, however when I do muster up the courage in the bedroom, he likes to playfully drag me me down a peg by making me giggle and make me pout. His favourite is when I’m not “entirely” in the mood yet, by me telling him やめて!(yamete-stop!) he will reply はい!なめてねー!(hai! namete ne!-OK! Lick it, yeah!) which has me giggling and running for my life!! So do be careful on the pronunciation, I say it correct every time, he just hears what he wants to.

  • MrGoodNews says:

    If you know all those words then you know that you have watched a lot of Japanese porn

  • Ben Hawkins says:

    From my experience with Japanese girls they love hearing English in bed.
    For myself I am very turned on by Japanese 😉



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