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Looking for New Job Opportunities in Japan this Fall?

Career switchers in Japan have opportunities that often hide in unsuspecting places. For September, we’ve unearthed a few you may not have previously considered!

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There are a multitude of paths one takes to get to Japan. Despite conventional thought, there are also a multitude of opportunities for work once one arrives—especially if you’ve been here a while. 

Sure, we all know about jobs in education and recruiting, and the growing IT sector is also strong. But how about a job working in an art museum or (literally) in a taxi? 

In the past, we’ve covered well paying roles in the Japanese hospitality industry; a sector that at first glance might appear to hold an unsure amount of promise, but that with a little digging can turn up some real gems. So, let’s dig into it with a few likely familiar brands.

Top Security Company Needs Top Security Pros (Kanagawa)

You know the name. You know the fluorescent vests and the branded hats. These days, Executive Protection in Tokyo is welcoming you to don them as well. This month they need help to secure a new facility in Kanagawa. 

Executive Protection is often hiring as new facilities come under contract, and this part-time slot is yet another. It’s a short term post that can serve as a great way for career switchers to jockey toward the security industry. As long as you have conversational Japanese, currently reside in Japan and are cleared to work under Japan’s Security Business Law you can apply. 

We covered Executive Protection last month as well—a full time post that paid between ¥3.0M ~ ¥5.5M a year—so this is a real opportunity here. This particular position will have you guarding access to a facility indoors, and while part time, the position calls for full shifts of 10 hours with a two-hour break. More details in the posting. 

Executive Protection

Would you like to experience part-time Japanese security work?

  • Company: Executive Protection
  • Salary: ¥1,300 / Hour
  • Location: Kanagawa, Japan
  • English: Conversational
  • Japanese: Conversational
  • Application: Must currently reside in Japan

Unlimited work visa. Those who do not fall under the disqualification reason of the Security Business Law (we will confirm this at the interview).

Security officers must have at least daily conversational level of Japanese.
Able to work at least three days a week

Make Sure Buildings Run Like Finely Tuned Machines (Various Locations) 

Let’s switch from guarding buildings to ensuring they run smoothly, with this job listing from Shin-ei Real Estate; Tokyo area residents with experience in facility management and a valid visa are encouraged to apply. 

For a facility management position, the working hours are pretty solid on this one, as you’ll clock in only from 8:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. on weekdays. 

Don’t underestimate past experience with these sort of career switching opportunities either, folks. If you did this sort of work before coming to Japan (perhaps in college), then you very well may be the “well-experienced” facility manager they’re seeking. Shin-ei is also hiring for part-time cleaning jobs in Japan, and in both Osaka and Kobe

Shin-ei Real Estate Business Co.

(Urgent) Facility Staff wanted

  • Company: Shin-ei Real Estate Business Co.
  • Salary: ¥240,000 ~ ¥300,000 / Month Negotiable
  • Location: Tokyo, Japan
  • English: Business level
  • Japanese: Business level
  • Application: Must currently reside in Japan

Sell the Thing (Just About) Everyone Wants (Tokyo) 

If you want to side step into a true wealth building career, sales is where it’s at. Working for a Japanese company founded in 1805 that caters to a business vertical that consumers love to support, is probably a pretty darn good way to do it. Readers, meet: Inaba Foods.

Your intermediate Japanese skills and global mindset will aid you in securing this position—and a good university degree will help even more. Inaba is looking for folks with hustle in ’em to help market and sell their extensive line of pet food products throughout the world, and is willing to offer visa sponsorship in return for your skills. Go get ‘em.

Inaba Foods

International Sales Development Position for U.S. Market

  • Company: Inaba Foods
  • Salary: ¥4.0M ~ ¥10.0M / Year Company Bonus (twice a year)
  • Location: Tokyo, Japan
  • English: Native level
  • Japanese: Business level
  • Application: Must currently reside in Japan


Help a Business University Continue its Skyward Trajectory (Nagoya)

Good at juggling multiple projects and stakeholder priorities? Consider yourself multilingual? NUCB Business School is looking for an experienced manager to help them grow and maintain their efforts in international student affairs. 

You’ll be responsible for engaging with students and staff from international partner schools, manage the school’s residence scholarship, support marketing and student prospecting, as well as handle a whole host of other things that come with this sort of work. Sound like you? Extra bonus points if you snagged a master’s degree while you’ve been here in Japan or prior to arriving. 

Nagoya University of Commerce and Business

Coordinator for International Affairs

  • Company: Nagoya University of Commerce and Business
  • Salary: ¥4.0M ~ ¥6.0M / Year
  • Location: Aichi, Japan
  • English: Native level
  • Japanese: Business level
  • Application: Must currently reside in Japan

Education degree: Master degree holders
Work experience: Minimum three years as full-time worker (part-time jobs and internship experience not included).

Put on Your Part-Time People Hat (Tokyo)

Like art? People? Looking to transition to part-time work after years of work as a full timer? If you’ve got at least three days a week free with six hours or more per day, how about considering working as an English guide for TeamLab Planets in Toyosu? This Tokyo art museum has some super sweet exhibits, and is extending its current run period until at least 2027. Now, that’s popular! 

You’ll work in an exciting environment switching back and forth from Japanese and English depending on the tourists coming through the museum. A unique opportunity to grow your language skills no matter your first language and amp up your customer service cred. Who knows? This might be a bridge to an entirely different career! Docent, anyone?

TeamLab Planets

Operating Staff for TeamLab Planets art museum

  • Company: TeamLab Planets
  • Salary: ¥1,200 ~ ¥1,450 / Hour
  • Location: Tokyo, Japan
  • English: Business level
  • Japanese: Conversational
  • Application: Must currently reside in Japan

Valid visa

Taxi Driver, Tesla Style (Tokyo)

OK career switchers. The ultimate in job changes: taxi driving. Of course, Hinomaru Taxi is no ordinary taxi company; once you sign up, you may never angle for another job again. 

Hinomaru is a multilingual taxi company with an impressive salary package, an equally impressive time-off schedule and a taxi company that gives you the opportunity to drive a pretty sweet Tesla in one of the coolest cities on the planet. Not a bad deal. So, if high pay and flexible hours is what you want in your next career–this is one spot to consider. 

You’ll need to possess a valid visa (see post for the specifics, as there are a few), and (of course) have a valid Japanese driver’s license with at least three or more years of experience behind the wheel. Japanese and English skills are also important for this job. Learn more about earning more with Hinomaru Taxi after the jump!

Hinomaru Taxi

Uber Taxi Driver (High Pay + Flexible Hours)

  • Company: Hinomaru Taxi
  • Salary: ¥180,000 ~ ¥700,000 / Month Commission Based Income Average between 360,000 /month to 600,000 /month counting Base Salary + Commissions
  • Location: Tokyo, Japan
  • English: Conversational
  • Japanese: Business level
  • Application: Must currently reside in Japan

And, that’s it, my friends… where will your next road lead? Keep hunting for the best jobs in Japan at GaijinPot Jobs, and until next month, enjoy!

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