McDonald’s Japan Accidentally Creates Sexually Suggestive Drink Cups

The hilarious design gaffe has even turned the cups into prized collectibles.

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Last month McDonald’s Japan released a new range of summer loving-themed McFizz soft drinks. The drinks come in three refreshing flavors Lemon Ginger, Blue Hawaii, and Blood Orange, and they’re all bubbly and brightly colored.

But that’s not what’s exciting about them.

The designers over at McDonald’s HQ seemed to think the launch of the McFizz was an excellent opportunity to pay homage to the romantic potential of long summer evenings.

They’ve created a range of clear cups decorated with various images of a boy on one side, and a girl on the other. When the cup is empty, the boy and the girl line up, and they share an innocent intimate moment. Rotate the cup and you’ll get a kiss on the cheek or peck on the lips, depending on the design.

But thanks to some creative thinking and clever angles on behalf of McDonald’s customers, this innocent summer romance story gets a lot hotter and heavier than the fast-food chain intended.

Users have noticed that if you turn the angle just so, the peck on the cheek becomes a multitude of other intimate moments.

And let’s just say that they cover all the bases.

Twitter user @mao_killa shared her discovery on Twitter last week.

He’s really giving her some Mickey D. The whole thing brings a new meaning to the slogan “I’m lovin’ it.”

Unsurprisingly Twitter has since become a Mc-flurry of steamy sexual activity.

Hundreds of thirsty McFizz customers are uploading an endless array of newly posed posts by the day. It’s becoming an online Kama Sutra for those with creative imaginations, and possibly too much time on their hands.

As Twitter users like @ew_butterfly have also noted, if you tilt the cup in other very specific ways, the size of the duo change. The outcome being it looks like there’s a very dangerous age difference between the pair.

While this blunder is probably causing a little embarrassment in its design and marketing departments, it doesn’t seem like McDonald’s are planning to pull the cup from sale anytime soon.

This whole event has probably boosted sales more than any type of PR campaign the company could have envisioned. In actual fact, these dirty cups are becoming a prized collectible, so swing by your local McDonald’s to get in on the action!



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