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Media, Marketing and Travel? Six Sweet Jobs in Japan for July

In front of the camera and behind the camera or on the phone and in the warehouse. This month, it’s otaku culture, fine wine and everything in between.

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My workplace beat the last few decades has been in marketing and promotions. From jobs in radio and the music industry to software as a service (SaaS) companies developing the future of marketing software for dentists, I’ve kicked around the marketing soccer ball for a long time.

And so, what a pleasure it was to discover several unique gigs within GaijinPot Jobs that might suit those of you who want to apply your creative talents to the efforts of firms occupying that very space here in Japan. Welcome to summer, folks! Let’s have a look!

Fukuoka YouTube food master

Okay, let’s get down to it. You love food. You love creating media that draws in viewers. And you love Fukuoka. Because who doesn’t, really?

It’s flush to the gills with izakaya and other eateries, and if you’re a fan of shochu, there might just be no better spot to toss back your fair share. So why not eat and be merry and fit in some work along the way? F-area is on the hunt for an e-commerce and YouTube specialist to help them spread the reach of their already successful YouTube channel to the English-speaking world, and their first stop is America.

You’ll help with online community building, the tactical (editing images, dealing with Photoshop and Illustrator) and penning your fair share of gastronomy-related articles.

You’ll obviously come to the table with your fair share of Adobe skills, and you’ll have a portfolio of content and design work you can show off to demonstrate why you’re the best person for this sweet gig. Moreover, your action-oriented way of working will help you hit the ground running with this startup looking to fire up the chef in all of us, so get a move on, and we look forward to seeing you online!


E-Commerce (YouTube) Specialist - US Market

  • Company: F-area
  • Salary: ¥250,000 ~ ¥300,000 / Month (Negotiable)
  • Location: Fukuoka, Japan
  • English: Native level
  • Japanese: Business level
  • Application: Must currently reside in Japan

Seeking part-time news junkies

Love reading online comments on news sites? Why not parlay that attitude into a little extra spending money? Shibuya-based Smart News needs a Japan-based content moderator to review, investigate, annotate and respond to content and comments posted on its popular news feed app and website.

Work is remote, and the assignment pays ¥1,600 an hour. You’ll need a high-speed internet connection at home (obviously), and you should be familiar with Slack and other modern office communication tools.

You’ll be treated to free lunch and coffee if you ever work on-site in the Tokyo office. Not a bad deal. Since your role would be as a U.S. news coordinator, your news interests should revolve around what’s mainly happening there. So you’ll probably have a lot to talk about.

SmartNews, Inc.

US content moderator for SmartNews smartphone app

  • Company: SmartNews, Inc.
  • Salary: ¥1,600 / Hour
  • Location: Tokyo, Japan
  • English: Native level
  • Japanese: Fluent
  • Application: Must currently reside in Japan

See yourself being a kids TV presenter?

Do your friends liken you to Mister Rogers? Are you as good at hamming it up as you are at buttoning up? Kinder Kids needs a passionate educational TV show presenter to help deliver on its promise of making a difference in the lives of children.

You’ll play a part in crafting entertaining, educational videos that feature the Kinder Kids curriculum and marketing content and online materials related to the Kinder Kids brand.

Time spent training in the classroom will get you up to speed on what things are like in the classroom, and your relaxed, personable style will help you shine on camera as you work out of their Tennoji Yuhigaoka school location in Osaka. In addition, you’ll need an online demo reel in your pocket you can share for consideration, with at least three different examples of you on camera, native English-speaking chops and a built-in desire to problem solve with a team. Ready, Freddy?

Kinder Kids International Preschool

Educational TV Show Presenter

  • Company: Kinder Kids International Preschool
  • Salary: ¥200,000 ~ ¥300,000 / Month
  • Location: Osaka, Japan
  • English: Native level
  • Japanese: Fluent
  • Application: Must currently reside in Japan

Sweet gig for a bi-lingual marketing pro

If you love Canada and are looking for a well-paying entry-level position as a digital marketer in Japan, you might’ve just hit paydirt. Tokyo’s Mannet Company has just that opportunity on the line for you.

You’ll earn a cool ¥4–5 million a year at this post that’ll have you teaming up to help overseas customers of (you guessed it) a Canadian digital marketing company. Everything from SEO to strategy to branding, media planning and event management will be on your plate. So, you’ll have a lot of opportunities to take that sponge-like mind to new heights as you further develop your marketing chops. You’ll need an N1 cert, a four-year degree and can demonstrate the ability to work with a team while also getting a lot done on your own.

To apply, you’ll also need to be currently residing in Japan and possess all the proper work documentation necessary to work within travel distance of this gig in the diverse Shinagawa Ward of Tokyo.

Mannet Co., Ltd.

Marketing Coordinator

  • Company: Mannet Co., Ltd.
  • Salary: ¥4.0M ~ ¥5.0M / Year
  • Location: Tokyo, Japan
  • English: Business level
  • Japanese: Fluent
  • Application: Must currently reside in Japan

All things geek

They say that there are riches in niches, and it’s fair to say that otaku (geek) stalwart, Tokyo Otaku Mode, has been doing pretty well these last few years. However, they need more good people at their Tokyo headquarters, and they’ve got a particular need for a customer relations pro.

If you’ve got top-notch written English communication skills and a right-on passion for all things otaku, apply before this one disappears. In addition to making customers feel taken care of, you’ll be working with their overseas fulfillment center to ensure products are received and shipped promptly, and occasionally dig in the warehouse stacks to manage and fulfill orders.

You may also find yourself translating and writing in both languages because you have English and Japanese skills (otaku, right?). This is an excellent opportunity to soak yourself deep into otaku culture at one of Japan’s top otaku companies.

Tokyo Otaku Mode Inc.

Customer Relations and Fulfillment Agent

  • Company: Tokyo Otaku Mode Inc.
  • Salary: Negotiable (Based on experience/qualifications)
  • Location: Tokyo, Japan
  • English: Fluent
  • Japanese: Business level
  • Application: Must currently reside in Japan

Tokyo travel tailor wanted

If maps, spreadsheets, email and the phone excite you, you, my friend, are a travel planner. And, Beauty of Japan needs you to help them ensure the tailor-made trips you make possible for clients are the best ever.

Luxury travel in Japan is a special entity, and because you know the country, the hospitality market, and what service is all about, you’re the perfect fit for this post. You’ve also got two years of experience in the destination management space and the ability to balance multiple time-sensitive priorities. Hopefully, you’re also a wiz at ensuring individual and group travelers walk away satisfied with the trip you’ve helped plan on their behalf. So why not put your business-level Japanese to good use and help others from around the world enjoy the beauty of Japan?

Beauty of Japan

Luxury Travel Consultant (Tour Designer)

  • Company: Beauty of Japan
  • Salary: ¥2.8M ~ ¥4.8M / Year (Negotiable)
  • Location: Tokyo, Japan
  • English: Business level
  • Japanese: Business level
  • Application: Must currently reside in Japan

And that is all for this month, folks! Hope you enjoyed the list! Next month, who knows? So, stick around. Same time, same channel.


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