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Mobal is Your Lifeline for SIM Cards in Japan

Mobal's tailored SIM card services are designed to simplify communication for expats, whether you're on a short visit or a long-term stay.

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Embracing the expat life in Japan is an exciting journey but comes with unique challenges. One thing many foreigners in Japan face is getting a local phone number.

Most expats want a SIM card to surf the internet and chat with friends and family as soon as possible. But you also can’t access essential services such as opening a bank account or applying for an apartment without a local phone number. Likewise, you need a number for everyday conveniences, like ordering food and online shopping.

Mobal provide(s) contract-free SIM cards and essential English support…

Unfortunately, getting a phone number in Japan can be difficult for foreigners due to residency requirements, language barriers and visa restrictions. Many providers require a registered residential address and a visa with at least two years of permission to stay in Japan.

Enter Mobal’s Japan Unlimited SIM card to the rescue. Not only does Mobal provide contract-free SIM cards and essential English support, but they also contribute to a meaningful charitable cause—making your mobile choice in Japan all the more impactful.

Powered by the SoftBank Network

Mobal’s coverage relies on the Softbank network, guaranteeing ultra-reliable service across Japan, with over 99% nationwide coverage. With Mobal’s Japan Unlimited plans, you’ll get a real “070,” “080” or “090” Japanese phone number.

Pricing is simple: Incoming calls and texts are free, enabling you to stay connected without worrying about unexpected costs. Outgoing calls are billed by the minute, while texts incur charges per 160-character message (¥33 domestic, ¥140 international).

You’ll also get transparency and flexibility. Unlike major providers with lengthy contracts, Mobal won’t burden you with activation or termination fees. You can cancel anytime without hidden charges.

English-Speaking Customer Service

Mobal guarantees ultra-reliable service across Japan with over 99% nationwide coverage.

Navigating a new country without knowing the language can be daunting, especially when it comes to your phone service. Mobal has a team of English-speaking customer service agents dedicated to assisting you with any questions or concerns so your experience in Japan is smooth and stress-free— at least regarding SIM cards.

With Mobal, you can count on a seamless experience, thanks to their accessible and friendly English-language support, available around the clock. If, for any reason, you find yourself unhappy with their service—no problem. Mobal offers a quick and hassle-free money-back guarantee.

Supporting a Charitable Cause

If you support socially responsible businesses, as a Mobal member, you’ll play a role in their philanthropic endeavors. Mobal has cultivated a global network of charity partners focused on effecting positive change in Malawi, Africa.

Together with their partners, Mobal ensures over 17,000 nursery and primary school children in impoverished communities receive a hot meal at school. They also provide free education to the poorest of the poor. Since starting, Mobal’s commitment to Malawi has created thousands of jobs in the region via a range of social enterprise and educational initiatives.

SIM Card Prices

Whether you are planning a short visit or are in Japan for the long haul, Mobal has the perfect SIM plan for you—minus the hassle of long contracts and language barriers. You can have your SIM conveniently shipped to you before your trip, or you can pick it up when you arrive in Japan.

Whether a short visit or in for the long haul, Mobal has the perfect SIM plan for you…

Mobal SIMs are compatible with any unlocked device that accepts physical SIM cards and supports the 3G Band 1 or 4G Band 1 frequencies.

Japan Unlimited SIM Card

For those living, working or studying in Japan, the unlimited SIM plan is probably best suited for you. You’ll get up to 30GB of 4G LTE data per month, but if you use up your entire monthly data, your speed will be reduced to a maximum of 200 Kbps, still enough for web browsing, email and social media.

  • SIM price: ¥2,970
  • 1GB: ¥1,650 per month
  • 5GB: ¥3,190 per month
  • 10GB: ¥3,630 per month
  • 30GB: ¥4,378 per month

Short-Term SIM Cards

For travelers with short-term plans in Japan, Mobal offers a range of options to choose from:

  • Eight days: Unlimited data for ¥4,730.
  • 16 days: Unlimited data for ¥6,490.
  • 31 days: Unlimited data for ¥7,920.

Get connected easily! Explore all of Mobal’s SIM card options for hassle-free communications at Mobal.com and find the perfect plan for your journey in Japan.

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