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Monster Hunter Cross Twitch Live Stream

Monster Hunter Cross makes its big debut on GaijinPot on November 28th!

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One of the benefits of living in Japan as a gamer is having exclusive access to games before they are released internationally. Fans around the world are eagerly awaiting the release of Monster Hunter Cross for the Nintendo 3DS.

The latest release includes plenty of what made the previous games great such as, 14 different kinds of weapons including a giant hammer, a musical instrument you can fight with, a long as a mile katana blade and so much more! Some of the newest features include playing as a Nyanta, a Cat Hunter that always accompanies a Hunter on their Quests. Updated graphics, new hunter styles for fighting, new armor and weapons and of course new amazing monsters to fight.

All of these things make the new Monster Hunter Cross a must buy game this holiday season. Or is it?

With the cooperation of Capcom and Twitch I have been given an early release copy of Monster Hunter Cross and I will be reviewing it on my Twitch channel to let you know if this game is a worthy upgrade or not.

Tune in at 10:00 am JST to watch me live stream the game and give my full review.


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