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Moving In Japan Made Easy

Moving house is made easier by that famous Japanese customer service

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Packing up and moving is a hassle no matter where you happen to live, and the added pressure of trying to accomplish this in a foreign country can make the endeavour incredibly stressful. However, in Tokyo there are a wide variety of moving companies to make the task of moving as simple as possible.

Of course there is a wide price range, but the one factor that stays consistent between all companies, reasonable or expensive, is that famous Japanese customer service. Whether you chose a company that focuses on cheap prices or high quality and special services, rest assured that you and your belongings will be treated with respect throughout the process.

When I moved, my friend helped me reserve a company called KA Moving to help move some of my larger items that I could not move by train, like my bed, desk, and guitars. The workers were punctual and very polite and they even took the time to take off their shoes as they went in and out of the apartment.

My bed frame was quickly dismantled, and my instruments were carefully packed away in a special case to ensure their safety during the trip. I was honestly dreading the move, but it was not such an ordeal at all. In fact it was considerably faster and more convenient than I expected.


I was fortunate that I had a Japanese friend communicate for me with the company and movies but if you don’t speak Japanese there are moving companies like Tokyo Move that offer their services in English.

If you are on a budget, there are a few tricks to keeping the cost as low as possible. One common way to get a discount with your moving company is to use old, or recycled boxes instead of having the company send you new ones. Timing is also very important if you want to keep prices low.

The peak season for moving is in the spring during March and April when many people are entering new companies and starting new lives, so you should avoid scheduling a move around this season or during major holidays and weekends.

The caveat to this is that since many people move during March and April, that is when there is the largest variety of new apartments available. If you move outside of this time you will enjoy lower prices and more flexible moving dates but the selection of available apartments might be limited.

Mondays and Tuesdays during the off season are your best bet for keeping the move cheap. Even scheduling your move later in the day rather than in the morning can save you some yen.

The best way to get what you want out of a moving company is to get quotes on prices, compare, and research. Wherever you go in Japan, and whatever you need for your move, there is a moving company ready to help. Good luck!

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  • Nate says:

    how did you get the stuff there i the first place??

  • maulinator says:

    another piece of advice is that when you are getting estimates schedule all the estimates on the same day so the salespeople know that they are in competition with other companies. you will be surprised how much lower the prices will go. play the companies off each other. ask whether their moving staff are full time workers or part time staff. most will give you new boxes and used boxes. the cheapest is when tyou do all your packing yourself but some things you will want packed on your behalf. they will also help you unpack if you pay for it. they moveers will also help you throw stuff out if you ask and pay.
    I have used ART in the past and they were great. the moving staff tend to be actual employees, not part-timers so the tend to be more reliable and will help you pack if you are running out of time.



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