We Need to Talk about This Indian Curry in the Hokkaido Inaka

One man's search for Indian curry has led him to this gem in Sapporo.

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I have to talk about this Indian curry restaurant in the very small rural town I live in because it surpasses all other Indian curry places I have tried, even in Sapporo. This isn’t paid for, sponsored or a favor to a friend; I just had to recommend it to any curry fans out there!

Recently, I’ve found myself constantly returning to Bombay Blue, a small Indian curry restaurant in Iwamizawa. Bombay Blue boasts a wide variety of options in their menu, with seafood, pork, vegetable and chicken curry to try.

However, this is not your run of the mill Indian curry. There is a surprising depth of flavor, zest and spiciness. I have ordered the chicken curry set almost every time I have visited, and have always ordered the very hot (or 大辛、おおから) level of spiciness This set comes with a small sized bowl of curry, a naan flavor of your choice (they have plain, extra butter, cheese and more), a side of rice and a side of cabbage salad with a secret and delicious dressing.


The roux is what draws me in every time. There is a secret mix of spices which I simply can’t describe as anything else but a complex, delicious medley, with small hints of sweet and aromatic spices abounding on your palette. The texture is also not too thin and not too thick. It is, at the expense of sounding too cliché, Indian curry nirvana.

The plain naan is lightly crispy around the edges on the outside, glazed lightly with butter and is warm on the inside with a good balance of doughy and fluffy textures. The cheese naan heightens this experience with warm, gooey cheese cooked into it for those who want something that sticks to their ribs a bit more.

I’ve tried many other curry places in the Sapporo area wondering if I could find something better than Bombay Blue – and the fact of the matter is, nothing else compares. Other curries either have too shallow of a flavor to compare, are too watery or just lack the complex flavor at Bombay Blue.

This past Saturday, HTV happened to be filming in the restaurant as I walked in with my wife and son!

Being the frequent customer that I am, I have spoken at decent length with the owner of Bombay Blue and while he of course won’t give away the secret of his curry’s flavor, he has told me that he is always working hard to improve it. They are constantly striving to get that much closer to the perfect flavor, though I can’t imagine it getting any better myself.

If you live in Hokkaido yourself, or are planning to visit the Sapporo area, you have to come and try it. It’s a little out of the way, but if you are a fan of Indian curry it is an absolute must try.

How to get there

By car
Head northeast off of route 12, just south of Higashiyama Park.

2 Chome-29-5 Midorigaoka, Iwamizawa, Hokkaido Prefecture 068-0835

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