Just Japan Podcast: Not So Common Questions About Japan

On March 2, 2015

Photo by Janne Moren

In this episode of the Just Japan Podcast host Kevin O’Shea asks listeners to share their questions about life in Japan. Returning guests Mully and Pee Jay, two long-term foreign residents of Japan join the podcast as panelists to help answer listener questions.

Many Just Japan Podcast listeners are interested in coming to Japan to travel or live and have questions about what life is “really” like once you arrive here.

Are there many gyms or health clubs in Japan? If I have prescription medicine from my native country, can I get the same prescription in Japan? Is it true that some foreigners are unfriendly towards others in Japan? Is Japan as high tech as western media shows? Are sophisticated robots commonplace and does everyone have a smart phone?

Kevin and his guests take on a variety of topics and questions and share their experiences with a light and friendly twist. If you’ve ever seriously thought about coming to Japan to study, work or travel, you’ll find some entertaining and useful information in this episode of the Just Japan Podcast.


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