Real Rainbow Lines Up with Tokyo’s Famous Rainbow Bridge

And Twitter was filled with joy.

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On Monday, March 11 at 9:30 a.m., a few very lucky people captured a beautiful, almost miraculous sight. A rainbow appeared perfectly lined up with Tokyo’s famous Rainbow Bridge, a suspension bridge that runs across Tokyo Bay connecting the mainland to the artificial island of Odaiba.

This was the first photo to make waves on Twitter, posted by startup CEO @JasK_official:

She shared her once-in-a-lifetime shot and exclaimed, “A rainbow across Rainbow Bridge! Wow!”

In response to the thousands of likes and retweets she received, she followed up by saying that she has passed by the bridge every day for the past eight years, and this was the first time that she’d seen anything like this.

She beamed, “It’s a sign of happiness to come!”

Another Twitter user captured the incredible view from the other side of town:

@ichy_helthy expressed, “I tried capturing ‘The Real Rainbow Bridge’ in a video.”

リアルレインボーブリッジ or “The Real Rainbow Bridge” quickly became the nickname that people on social media used to talk about this phenomenon of a real rainbow lining up with Rainbow Bridge.

And the excitement didn’t end there, as @Hashizo_Mighty took to Twitter to share a new development:

A double rainbow!

@Hashizo_Mighty snapped this photo, writing, “Today’s Rainbow Bridge rainbow was actually a double rainbow. I could see it clearly in real life, but it didn’t really show up well in photos.”

Even people who weren’t able to snap a photo or get a video of The Real Rainbow Bridge were feeling joy from the shared snapshots.

User @rando_kke1021 said the following:

“It’s too bad that I couldn’t get a picture of ‘The Real Rainbow Bridge,’ the rainbow that formed along Rainbow Bridge. Seeing such beauty in our world of nothing but bad news really makes you feel like you have to keep doing everything that you can and stay positive.”

In such a big and bustling city as Tokyo, it can be easy to get caught up in work and forget to pay attention to the beauty that’s all around. The serendipitous sight was a great reminder to stay positive and focused on the good things. Have a great weekend everyone!

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