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Recruiters at Apex Thrive Under Any Circumstance

One of Japan’s top recruitment agencies is seeking professionals to join its award-winning team.

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Recruitment is a competitive but highly lucrative business, and it’s not a job for the easily discouraged. While the hard truth is that people working in this industry will experience both success and failure alike, a good recruiter is willing to fail and continue with the motivation to succeed. Perseverance and persistence are essential qualities to possess for long-term success in this career.

Agencies seek recruiters with these qualities because a professional undeterred by challenges will often seek them out for greater rewards. Likewise, a professional relies on the best team to take full advantage of their skill sets, especially in Japan, the most challenging country to hire due to a shortage of local talent.

However, this makes the country an excellent opportunity for the recruitment industry and comes with recruiters’ highest success fees. Apex specializes in recruiting bilingual employees in the Japanese market and is reaching out to ambitious individuals to join their award-winning team.

Is it time for a career change?

It’s up to you to make the move.

Much like the rest of the world, some sectors of Japan’s workforce have been reeling from the impact of the coronavirus pandemic. Portions of the country’s workforce have seen a sharp decline as jobs are vacated over business closures. Apex is facing this challenge head-on.

The Apex team has grown consistently on all fronts, recently celebrating its 10th anniversary of success. Even during a global pandemic, they are expanding—seeking to acquire top talent for both its own company success and that of its clients.

Indeed, if there ever was a more apt time for Japanese companies to seek new hires, it’s now. The country’s older workforce has diminished due to the novel coronavirus. Moreover, while the travel and tourism industries have been the most heavily affected by the pandemic—in some cases ceasing to hire altogether—others have continued as normal.

Apex knows how well a competitive employee can strive in this business, but not at the expense of ethics and morals.

Job sectors might seem diminished at the moment, but they are rebuilding. As they do, positions will need to fill quickly. To achieve that, companies will want to work with an agency they can trust.

For over a decade, Apex has solidified its candidate/client relationships and established a robust network through nine teams targeting specific industries in Japan, such as:

  • Healthcare
  • Financial services
  • Supply chain and procurement
  • Information technology (IT)
  • Legal

Through productive teamwork and using individuals to their strengths, the company has earned several awards, such as Recruitment International’s Best Recruitment Company to Work For and Growth Company of the Year.

Is Apex right for you?

Every piece is important.

Recruitment is sometimes stereotyped as a challenging industry but Apex has avoided this stigma by embracing people, integrity, communication, teamwork, commitment and adaptability as its core values.

They know how well a competitive employee can strive in this business, but not at the expense of ethics and morals. In Japan, trust is far more valuable than service. It’s what keeps clients coming back and what keeps a team working together.

That’s not to say achievements aren’t rewarded. An expert with the right skill set can advance multiple times within a year. Additionally, all recruiters enjoy an industry-leading bonus program that is directly tied to individual performance, so you get out what you put in.

Furthermore, employees are urged to continue self-improvement and provided with the tools and training needed to do so. The monthly self-development allowance, for example, can be used to cover gym membership, Japanese lessons or whatever the employee deems essential to their self-improvement.

Apex also utilizes flex-time to support its agents’ work-life balance. As long as eight hours are fulfilled in a day, employees are free to start and finish at any time. This greatly benefits those with outside responsibilities such as children, eldercare or just avoiding the morning and afternoon rush.

Further your career with Apex

Join the Apex team!

Whether you’re looking for a fresh start or a new challenge, Apex offers you the chance to develop a new and exciting period in your career. If you have the skills and qualities to succeed within the Apex team, click here to continue and find out more.


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