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Remambo: Your Personal Online Shopping Assistant in Japan

Remambo provides an online proxy shopping service for anyone who wants to buy from Japanese stores.

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Living in central Tokyo, shopping is something that just seems to happen by accident. Stores are everywhere – often you’ll be in one without even realizing it – which means a wide array of beautifully-made Japanese products are always available without even having to try.

But if you’re living outside of Japan, it’s pretty unlikely that your morning commute will lead you through a dangerous corridor of gourmet Japanese food stands (damn you, Tokyu Food Show) or past displays of exquisitely handcrafted tea sets and polished leather goods made in Japan. This is where Remambo, a proxy shopping service, comes in; providing easy access to shopping in Japan from anywhere in the world.

Remambo’s proxy service covers Amazon, Rakuten, Yahoo Auctions and hundreds of other Japanese online stores. You don’t need to understand Japanese to shop products – just select the image that you like and copy the URL into the Remambo order system, or you can search by category (in English or Chinese) to make a bid in an auction. It’s basically like having your own personal shopping assistant in Japan.

From Casio watches to Shiseido cosmetics to Daiwa fishing reels, Remambo.jp will bring together your different orders from different stores and consolidate them into one international parcel, reducing the overall cost of shipping. By bringing items to their warehouse in Japan, they help customers buy products from sites that don’t ship internationally as well as ones that do.

“Even if some Japanese online stores, like Amazon or Rakuten, do offer international shipping it still works out cheaper and more convenient to use our proxy service,” says Kosaka Makoto, who heads the Customer Support Team.

Remambo can check contents of the package, ensuring that goods are protectively packaged and sorting out postal labels so that everything gets mailed together smoothly and quickly. The commission fee stays at a transparent fixed price of 500 yen – a feature that separates Remambo from other shopping proxy sites where commission is high and hidden costs are waiting to pounce on the checkout page.


For shoppers worldwide, Japanese products are renowned for their high-quality production and refined design. People trust that they’re buying something that has been made with extreme care and commitment, something that isn’t available anywhere else. Couple this reputation with an increasingly cheap currency and it’s easy to see why demand for Japanese products is growing.

“Japanese products have always been popular across the world but we’re seeing a rise in demand as the economy shifts towards a weaker yen,” says Makoto. “Japan continues to be the source of many goods that are truly different – some are wacky, some are genius, others are wonderful examples of Japanese unique aesthetics.”

The Remambo service ships products to nearly 100 countries. Some of the trends they’ve noticed show what kind of Japanese products are prized and where.

“Many customers from Malaysia and Singapore buy designer fashion goods. In Russia, exterior and interior car parts are popular, while in the USA and UK people are looking for musical instruments and sports equipment. In France and Germany it’s rare records and books, as well as collectible items,” Makoto says.

“Of course, specifically Japanese cultural products like manga and anime figures are always in demand too,” he adds.

Makoto says Remambo’s mission is to provide the same shopping outlets to all people as if they were Japanese in Japan. Shoppers receive the high level of customer service that the country is known for and benefit from access to a huge range of top-notch domestic products. In this way, Remambo helps customers to experience a little bit of Japan wherever they are in the world.

For more information and to have a browse for yourself, check out Remambo.jp. Happy shopping!

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