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You Have to See These Ridiculous Japanese CG Crime Reenactments

Asahi TV crime show goes full Street Fighter and Twitter is living for it.

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In a country with a crime rate as famously low as Japan’s, it’s no surprise that even the most benign of rule bending gets serious attention.

The rest of the world are airing gritty crime reality shows filled with high-speed car chases, shootouts, and drug busts. But not so much on Japanese television. Instead, they have Rettou Keisatsu Sousamou: The Tsuiseki (Archipelago Police Investigation: The Pursuit), a crime show that is just so, well, Japanese.

A recent episode of Rettou Keisatsu Sousamou, which airs on Asahi TV four times a year, used CG animations to recreate actual crimes in a similar fashion to old-school programs like Crime Stoppers. What’s so shocking about the show is not the crimes themselves, but the, dare we say “flair” in which they’re being committed. Originally picked up by Kotaku.com, the show’s brilliant recreations of such mundane law-breaking are captivating Japanese social media users.

Users on Twitter and messageboard 2ch have uploaded some of their favorites for the world to see, including this young man who’s gone full Street Fighter pulling hurricane kicks on a row of innocent bicycles.

Eagle-eyed Twitter users noted the uncanny similarities between the recreated criminal activities and the popular Japanese arcade game. Then a genius with a little too much time combined the Street Fighter soundtrack with the animation to create a teaser for what could be described as the most tragic video game ever.

Here’s another example of a man running from the cops who must also moonlight as a speed skater.

This poor guy gets double burned thanks to a CG recreation of his pants being ripped off by a “heroic” bystander.

Other highlights include a suspicious man pulling a gold-medal-worthy dive into a bush for reasons unknown.

And this laundry looter who was clearly in desperate need of a new pair of shorts.

Whether it will deter future petty crime, or even offer any vague chance that the perpetrators will get caught is arguably minimal. However, at least we can all agree it’s the funniest crime show on TV.

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