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See Where Cherry Blossoms Are Blooming Now in Japan on GaijinPot Travel

Cherry blossom season is officially here! Check out GaijinPot Travel to learn about Japan's best cherry blossom viewing spots.

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Keep up to date with the cherry blossom forecast on GaijinPot Travel.

Now that cherry blossom season is finally here, it’s time to head out and enjoy it. If you haven’t seen it yet, we’ve rounded up the top best spots to experience cherry blossoms on GaijinPot Travel. For those who still don’t have a hanami (cherry blossom viewing) game plan, we’ve got you covered. We break down where to see these elusive flowers from Hokkaido to Kyushu and have an interactive map. Learn about local spots and famous destinations that shine during this season. Time to explore and see how each region of Japan celebrates one of the most anticipated seasonal events of the year. Happy hanami!

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