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Seigan Japanese Language School

Much like the prefecture it is based in, Seigan Language School in south Osaka is a school that offers everything that a student could want.

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If you want to experience the authentic face of Japan, then Kansai is the place to base yourself. This fantastic prefecture located on the south of the main island of Japan has everything that you could want from the neon wonderland of the Dotonbori bridge area to the green parks watched over by the Tower of the Sun, all the way to the ancient castle that represents the city.

Much like the prefecture it is based in, Seigan Language School in south Osaka is a school that offers everything that a student could want. While those who appreciate the traditional areas of Osaka will appreciate the school’s regular cultural classes which include trying on the yukata, taking part in a tea ceremony, and learning Japanese business manners; those who appreciate the modern side of the big city will enjoy its convenient location on the Midosuji line that gives students easy access to the restaurants and bars in Namba, Hommachi and Umeda.

For those that want to experience everything the city holds, the school’s facilities are designed to make living in Osaka as easy as possible. Students are offered affordable, convenient accommodation with rents as low as only 24,000 yen for a shared room and 28,000 for a private room: incredibly cheap prices for the big city. The school will even loan the students electrical appliances to furnish their apartments if requested. For those students who would prefer to find their own apartment, the school also offers a complimentary service that will help them find their ideal apartment.

Naturally, with a school based in such a multifaceted city as Osaka, Seigan Language School has a diverse student body. As a result, the school keenly understands that no two learners are the same. The curriculums offer a range of courses to suit the diverse needs of students with everything from short courses lasting only a few months, up to others which account for 6 months or more of studying. There are also a wide range of levels including Beginner, Pre-Intermediate, Intermediate, and Advanced/ Business courses.

Of course, learning Japanese is only useful if you can actually use it, so in order to help students get the most out of their studies, the school is closely associated with a Supporter’s Club – which offers tours and cultural experiences. The school itself likewise conducts seasonal out-of-school lessons which offer students the opportunity to put their languages to use in the real world. On top of this, the school also runs many other events, such as BBQ parties.

Ultimately Seigan Language School is the school that offers a microcosm of Osaka itself: a chance to experience all the best aspects of Japan in one place. Whether you want to experience the modern face of Japan and its constantly evolving language or its traditional side with its ornate verbs and complicated grammar, Seigan Language School will help you get the most out of your language training.

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