Seven Bank International Money Transfer Service

On January 22, 2013

If you live in Japan and you need to send money overseas there are a number of complicated options available to you. Most involve dealing with mountains of paperwork from Japanese bank. For a faster and more convenient way I decided to check out the 7 Bank International Money Transfer service.

Everyday thousand of people working in Japan need to send money to their friends and family living overseas. The 7 Bank International Money Transfer service is a quick and simple way to send money, 24 hours a day, seven days a week!

Living and working in Japan can be hard; especially if you are away from your friends and family. The 7 Bank International Money Transfer service is helping to close gap.

Using the conventional Japanese banking systems can be hassle. There are mountains of paperwork, language difficulties, extra charges for currency conversions and other confusing terms of service.

To set up your account with 7 Bank is as easy as visiting their website, which is available in 10 languages, and filing out the online application form. Within a couple of weeks you will receive your 7 Bank cash card in the mail and you are ready to start your international money transfer.

Transferring money can be done either online or through anyone of the 18,000 ATM machines located throughout Japan. You can store up to 6 people that you frequently send money to, saving you the time of having to enter their details every time you want to send them money.

The money transfer is instantaneous and once the money has been sent, your friends or family member can pick it up at any Western Union branch located in over 200 countries around the world.


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Seven Bank International Money Transfer Service

The 7 Bank International Money Transfer service is a simple and easy way to send money to your loved ones back home.

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