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Share Your Favorite Memories of Japan on Social Media and Win ¥100,000 in JNTO Travel Vouchers

Foreigners living in Japan can share their favorite destinations using with the hashtag #MyOwnPersonalJapan.

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Foreign nationals living in Japan could be forgiven for feeling a little stir crazy right now. With travel restrictions in place for many countries—and with Japan’s own controls limiting tourist entry—it can be an especially frustrating time for those wanting to travel and share their experiences with loved ones. 

To feed that wanderlust—and recapture those feelings of excitement and wonder on your visits to Japan—the Japan National Tourist Organization (JNTO) has a new promotional travel campaign on social media. They’d like current and former foreign residents of Japan to participate—and even people who have recently visited—by sharing some of the amazing experiences they’ve had traveling in the country and getting their friends and family excited to visit their chosen destinations once the coronavirus pandemic has eased.

The JNTO is calling the theme of the campaign: “#MyOwnPersonalJapan: Sceneries to see and things to experience with your loved ones.” It was created for non-Japanese people who have experienced living here to share their personal experiences of Japan’s many charms to social media. Selected winners can receive up to ¥100,000 in domestic travel vouchers to help them on their next travels in Japan.

To enter, entrants can post their favorite places in Japan they’d like to see and experience with loved ones using the hashtags #MyOwnPersonalJapan and #visitjapanjpThese can be any locations they wish to revisit or activities to re-experience using photos and/or videos taken during a previous trip. Posting them to Instagram and/or Facebook with the selected hashtags will automatically make them eligible for a chance to win.

Only current or former foreign residents with proof of a designated address in Japan may enter. For more details regarding participation in the #MyOwnPersonalJapan social media campaign, please see below.

[Please note: GaijinPot and its publisher, GPlusMedia Inc., are not organizers of this promotional campaign. If you have any questions regarding eligibility or residency status for entrants, please contact the organizer, Vector Inc., at jnto_yjpmcontest@vectorinc.co.jp.]

How to apply

  • Post your travel episode photos and/or videos to Facebook or Instagram along with the designated #MyOwnPersonalJapan hashtag (posts in English are preferred)
  • Notify the campaign of your post(s) via email at: jnto_yjpmcontest@vectorinc.co.jp
  • Include the following information in your email message:
    • Name
    • Age
    • Nationality
    • Area of residence in Japan
    • URL and screenshot of the post

Entry requirements

  • Include images and/or videos to your post
  • Video length should be between 15 to 60 seconds
  • Only use images and/or videos to which you own the copyright

Application period

  • Monday, Oct. 19 to Sunday, Dec. 6 2020


Campaign organizers will select 10 winning entries from those submitted during the application period. Winners will receive:

  • ¥100,000 in domestic travel vouchers valid for transportation and other services across Japan
  • Activity catalog
  • Select campaign goods

Prizes will be sent directly to the winners without public announcement.

Terms and conditions

  • One person can enter multiple times.
  • Applicants can only receive one winning prize even if submitting multiple entries.
  • This campaign is open to foreign residents currently or previously living in Japan who can designate a postal address in Japan to receive winnings.
  • Along with the announcement of the result, JNTO will also contact winners to confirm phone number and address. If confirmation is not received, the prize will be annulled.
  • Instagram and/or Facebook accounts should be set as “Public.”
  • Instagram and Facebook as a company are not involved in this campaign.
  • Responsibilities for participating in this campaign lies fully with each applicant. JNTO and its coordinating company are not responsible for any issues relating to the participation in the campaign.
  • JNTO and its coordinating company may reuse some of the posted contents. (JNTO will consult with the owner before reusing any content.)
  • Any works used for the campaign should belong to the applicants. Any portrait used for the campaign or those submitted to the organizer (JNTO) or to campaign coordinator (Vector, Inc.) showing a third party should respect the privacy and copyright of the affected person(s) and receive prior consent before submission. The campaign organizer and coordinator shall not be involved in any matters pertaining to costs and troubles that may occur due to violation of third-party publicity rights, personality rights, and/or copyrights.
  • The campaign coordinator is not responsible for any damages occurred from the participants or any third party relating to the intellectual property used in the campaign.
  • Details on the prize may change without prior notice.
  • Please understand that the campaign may be cancelled or changed if circumstances require.
  • This campaign is organized by JNTO and coordinated by Vector, Inc. For inquiries regarding this campaign, please contact: jnto_yjpmcontest@vectorinc.co.jp
  • The organizer is not responsible for network troubles during application and for any damages to the device used for registration and application process.
  • Communication and network-related cost shall be covered by participants.



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