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Sleep Steps Away From Dotonbori at The Lively Hotel in Osaka

Or just drink fancy cocktails at the rooftop bar till dawn. Who needs sleep anyway?

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Osaka isn’t lacking in cozy hotels to snooze at or funky bars to booze at, but The Lively Honmachi combines them expertly, providing the best of both worlds. After a wild night out in western Japan’s capital of counterculture, you’re gonna need a good place to rest.

Hotel highlight

Enjoy the view and sexy mood lighting.

The hotel’s rooftop bar terrace is like the setting of a romantic comedy where the main character unexpectedly meets the love of her life. The suitor approaches her under the sexy mood lighting and smooth playlist asking to join her for a drink.

It was raining during our stay, so we didn’t meet our guy—better luck next time.

Right in the heart of party city, Osaka

Very chic.

With its multilingual staff and international atmosphere, The Lively Honmachi is a good choice for foreign travelers looking to experience Osaka’s nightlife, families, and business travelers. The sleek and sophisticated decor feels less Japanese and more New York loft, with several community spaces for guests to lounge and intermingle.

Chill in the lobby and watch movies on the projector screen with other guests, or get some freelance work done in the open co-working space.

Make some new friends in the open lounge space.

It’s centrally located in the bustling Honmachi district, within 15 minutes’ reach of foodie tourism hub Dotonbori where you can eat your weight in takoyaki (octopus-filled dough balls) and snap a pic next to the Glico Man.

Dotonbori with the famous Glico Man on the right.

Is this a hotel or a cafe…?

Global Agents, the real estate development mogul operating The Lively brand of hotels, seems to have a thing for atypical check-in desks. At their Fukuoka location, guests check themselves in on a tablet, while in Osaka the front desk is up on the second floor.

The cafe serves cold pasta, salads, and soups. Sometimes simple is best.

That’s because the first floor serves as a deli cafe open to anyone whether they’re staying overnight at the hotel or not.

The cafe serves cafeteria-style lunch where you tell the staff what you’d like and they plate it up or box it up for those on the run. If you’re looking for a homey, Western-style lunch—think cold pasta, salads, and soup—you’ll find it here.

How many beers can you down in an hour?

Plus, like all The Lively locations, free beer is available from 5:30 p.m. to 6 p.m. Yes, the beer is FREE.

About that bar

Regardless if it’s raining or not, you can still enjoy the Lively Honmachi’s creative drinks at the 14th-floor bar.

Definitely a good date spot.

Try the Kaiyukan Wave—a citrusy gin concoction with a touch of seaweed. Yeah, that’s right, they put seaweed in a drink. What does it taste like? A strange cup of ocean spiked with gin, that’s what.

Gaze overtop Osaka’s highrises and live your best life as you sip on the artisan cocktails.

Hotel rooms fit for a king

A wide variety of rooms cater to both group and solo travelers, with even the smallest double room having plenty of space.

All rooms are decked out with a sofa, perfect for chilling after you’ve had enough of the free-flowing beer to put you to sleep.

That is a very conveniently placed mirror.

Extra thick mattresses with a super soft gel foam top layer feel like sleeping on a cloud that whisks you off to dreamland.

The King’s suite is the size of a one-room apartment with amazing skyline views—more power to you if you can shell out the ¥20,000 a night. It definitely looks worth it!

Book your stay at The Lively Honmachi

Price: From ¥12,000 a night for a standard double room to ¥26,000 a night for a family-sized room (fits up to six people)
The Lively Osaka Honmachi is a three-minute walk away from Sakaisuji Hommachi Station. If you’re coming from Osaka International Airport, take the Osaka Monorail to Yamada Station, and then get the Hankyu-Senri line to Sakaisuji Honmachi Station.
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