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Sponsored Video: Experience the World like a Local with Airbnb

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You may think most of the reach and listings of Airbnb, the online marketplace for vacation rentals, is confined to locations in the West like Europe, Australia, New Zealand and North America, but the service is also available here in Japan. With its new marketing campaign, the company is illustrating its goal of helping travelers feel like locals, instead of strangers in a strange land (or at least easy marks for tourist scams). As depicted in the short, 60-second video, this different and immersive travel experience is something visitors may want to consider using in Japan.

Part of the new campaign is an intricate stop-motion video that uses over 1,600 hand-painted figurines to bring Paris to life for a woman staying at an Airbnb property. “I always imagined there was just one Paris: of monuments, museums and parks,” she starts out. The live action video then cuts to the  animation, all it inspired by personal photos of the city’s hidden areas to design the set. “It’s in this Paris I truly lived like a Parisian,” she concludes before speculating on her next where-the-wind-blows destination.

While this incredibly detailed slice-of-life may be the furthest thing from what life is like here in Japan, one can only imagine the next one featuring visitors to Tokyo—experiencing its hidden neighborhoods and izakaya or visiting the sacred temples and shrines (and sake breweries) of Kyoto or Nara. If you want to do Japan like the Japanese, then Airbnb might just be the way to do it.

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