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The Art of Star Wars

The Force comes to Tokyo at the Star Wars Visions exhibit on the 52nd floor of Mori Tower.

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Star Wars is an international, multi-generational phenomenon. For almost 40 years, the epic space opera has touched the lives of many people. What was once a trilogy of films has expanded into a Universe of books, more films, and videogames—as expansive as the fictional galaxy in which the story takes place.

My dad grew up on the original trilogy, and when I came of age (aka became able to walk and talk) he made sure to take me to see the rerelease of those films. I was indoctrinated to Star Wars fandom at an early age. So when I heard about the Visions exhibit going on at Mori Art Museum, it was more or less a basic instinct. I had to go.

Star Wars: Visions is all about the art behind George Lucas’ franchise. Located in the “Cloud City” of Tokyo, exhibit goers can see the city’s entire urban sprawl from the 52nd floor of Mori Tower. All the while, Darth Vader looks on from behind; perched in his meditation chamber. Take a picture with him, if you’re daring. But be careful, there might be a price to pay…

Throughout the exhibit there are scaled models of various epic battles and locations in the films. Some are a bit larger than life, like the Death Star. Others hide behind glass cases, yet are equally as detailed. When viewing this models with their minute details, I could begin to understand why they looked so real on the big screen when I was a kid. Movie magic is something else.

In addition to models, there were props and costumes from the films as well. I didn’t realize how much detail went into the lightsabers of individual characters. Of course there were the usual buttons and stuff, but up close you could see that each saber had a totally unique design. Throughout each exhibition room, walls were covered with fan art. But these weren’t drawings or photoshop jobs. They were enchanting scenes on canvas. And one interestingly “divine” baby Darth Maul painting.

Star Wars is quite the intergalactic tale. Yet the story might have not gotten as popular as it is now if it wasn’t for the memorable art direction. From the props, to costumes and models, all these things gave life and a sense of believability to the world imagined by George Lucas.


If you’ve been pulling your hair out in anticipation for the release of the seventh film, The Force Awakens, this art exhibit might be just enough to hold you off ’til December. nNot to mention, the view of Tokyo from the top of Mori Tower is amazing.

Information and Access

Exhibit runs until June 28.

Mori Tower is located in Roppongi Hills, which can be accessed from Roppongi Station on either the Oedo or Hibiya lines. As the map says, enter through the Museum Cone and walk across the skywalk into the building.

General Information: www.roppongihills.com/tcv/jp/sw-visions/


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