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Starting An English Language School In Japan

Dean Rogers, CEO of Dean Morgan Academy talks about the challenges and rewards of starting an English language school in Japan.

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Working in Japan is an exciting opportunity for most foreigners, but starting and running a successful business presents a whole new set of challenges. Since most English-speaking foreigners choose teaching as a paying job in Japan, the number of language schools have been increasing in numbers.

To help those who are thinking about starting an English school in Japan we recently attended a talk by Dean Rogers, CEO of Dean Morgan Academy who discussed the challenges and strategies of building a successful language school in Japan.

Dean talked about the early days of DMA and the challenges and mistakes he made in growing his company from one school to now ten schools throughout Japan.

He stresses the importance of being goal-oriented, showing strong management, effective leadership, all things that he believes will help new entrepreneurs on their way to starting their own language school business.

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