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A Summer of Fun in Niseko at the Hanazono Resort

Whether it’s skiing or zip lining, snowboarding or kayaking, Niseko always has something to offer those looking for a fun and event filled vacation.

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All over Japan and in many places of the world as well, Niseko is a place that is infamous for its killer slopes and the appealing consistency of its powder snow. Simply by saying the name “Niseko”, images of Japanese and Westerners alike decked out in skiing and snowboarding gear hitting the slopes accompanied by cascades of powdery snow are immediately invoked.

However, did you know that Niseko also makes a perfect outdoor vacation getaway location during the warmer months as well? Whether you’re plan a long or short getaway, the resorts at Niseko United have many outdoor activities to get you moving and enjoying the natural beauty of this mountainous area.

While many of the resorts offer similar activities, amenities and scenery, today I’ll be focusing on the one that stands above all the rest: Hanazono Resort.

As Hokkaido is the northernmost island in all of Japan, the weather tends to be cooler in every season in comparison to the other islands. This means that spring is cool and crisp, summer is warm and mild and autumn offers the warmth of day and cool of night in addition to the naturally changing colors. These milder temperatures make for much more palatable outdoor activities without excessive heat and humidity, and the amount of insects is also significantly fewer due to the cooler temperatures.

Quite possibly one of the most riveting activities that they often is what is called “canyoning”, an activity in which adventure seekers don a wetsuit and explore canyon networks and swim and slide through deep natural pools.

Next on the list are road and mountain biking, the former being exactly how it sounds, biking on the road. This one includes a bike, a helmet and cycling gloves in the fee. A guide will also be there to guide you on your biking journey. The latter is a bit more physically challenging and requires that you rent each item.

For those going to Niseko with your family, Hanazono has a number of family activities for you and your whole family to participate in. These activities include a zip line that coasts over the Hanazono bowl, summer tubing that promises quick, exciting and hilly tubing lanes, the “spider web” which tests one’s tenacity in climbing and the Hanafuwa Inflatable play area for ages 2-12.

Lastly, Tokyu Golf course is a scenic but challenging 18 hole, 72 par golf course with majestic scenery nestled within the mountains. There is also an accompanying club house that offers bath and salon service along with a restaurant.


Please note that for many of these activities, age, height and sometimes weight restrictions do apply, in addition to individual pricing for each activity (unless you have bought a package.) For these specific details you should check Hanazono’s summer activities page.

The beauty and bustle of Niseko is obviously not limited to the cold months, so if any of this sounds appealing to you perhaps you can make it your next summer vacation spot. Whether it’s skiing or zip lining, snowboarding or kayaking, Niseko always has something to offer those looking for a fun and event filled vacation.



From New Chitose Airport, you can take the Niseko Bus or Chuo Bus (approximately 174 minute ride) which will take you to Hirafu Welcome Center. From here you can take a 10 minute walk to Niseko Landmark View, then another short walking distance to accommodations.


From JR New Chitose Station, take the JR Rapid Airport line to JR Otaru Station (approximately 72 minutes). From there, switch to JR Hokadate Line, for Oshamanbe and stop at JR Kuchan Station (approximately 68~87 minutes).Finally, take a taxi from Kuchan station to Niseko Landmark View (approximately 15 minutes) followed by a short walk to accommodations.

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