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Summer Shopping Spree: Erimakee Makes Me Happy

What's a girl to do if you can't find shoes that fit in Tokyo? Hit up Erimakee for some great deals and normal sizes.

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Fact: I don’t have big feet. Really I don’t. Size 8.5 US, 6 UK. Correction: in the U.S. I don’t have big feet. Here in Japan, I apparently have Amazonian proportion, we-don’t-even-stock-your-size, have-you-tried-clown-shoes, kind of feet. All of us over a size 7 have this problem, and I have to say… it’s pretty freaking annoying.  So many cute shoes, and nary a pair to procure. Sigh.

So as I see it, we had three options:

  • 1) Wear only the sad, boring shoes you brought over with you until to visit home. (Haha! Not gonna happen)
  • 2) Wait 100 years and order all of your shoes on Asos and Amazon. (While hoping they fit and quietly resent the stupid shipping charges.)
  • 3) Say f-ck it and just wear flip flops for the rest of your life. (I was THIS close, but I’m from California.)

We HAD three options. Until I found this store in Omotesando that carries super fun t-shirts, bags, hats, and yes… cheap and cheerful summer shoes—up to size 40 (10 US!). Best part? They have twenty shops all over Tokyo.

Go to Erimakee. Just go. It’s a cross between a Claire’s and a ¥100 shop, except everything is ¥999 and they have better stuff than Claire’s and the ¥100 shop. So actually, it’s nothing like Claire’s or the ¥100 shop… but it reminds me of them for some reason.

My buys from last week:

Magical Deer Shirt: Comes in all the pastels and grey.
Yay! No clown shoes.

Best part: They’re actually comfortable. And at under ¥1000 if you get thrown in a lake with them on, who cares? You still have your flip flops.

999 Store Erimakee
5-16-3 Minami-Aoyama, Shibuya-ku.
Tel: 03-3479-8289. Open daily 11:00 – 20:00
Nearest station: Omotesando, Exit B1

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  • Ain says:

    You forgot option #4: Buy men’s shoes that look either unisex or vaguely feminine ^^

    • Cynthia Popper says:

      FTW! I was JUST thinking about that today! I need to figure out what size I am in man foot so I can get some Fall oxfords.

  • leslie nguyen says:

    Chances are I’ll have a hard time finding shoes so I’ll have to prep for that as I am a size 10.5 to 11 in MENS depending on brand and style. That must mean I have really big feet in Japan, ahah.

    • Cynthia Popper says:

      Yeah it’s pretty crazy… I’m a size 25 in JP and most shops stock up to 24.5. Not to mention so many shoes are just sized S, M, L… I usually need LL which is almost impossible to find. So now if I find cute shoes in “big” sizes, I will blast the GP internets.

  • Elizabeth says:

    High-5 for same foot size!

    I’m not sure I’m ever going to forgive Reebok. They’re a British brand (and I am Miss Foot-Average in the UK) and their shoes in Japan stop at UK 5.5. Plus, they’re cute. I find that combination unforgivably offensive.

    • Cynthia Popper says:

      Hahaha! Shopping for shoes here has been ridiculously annoying. I find the CUTEST shoes, styles I could never find back home, and they’re all a half size too small. Lame. I wore those sandals all day last week and they’re super comfortable- they come in lilac too. Going back. 🙂



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