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5 Animals Found Only In Japan and Where to See Them

Learn more about Japan's wildlife, from rare cats and wise goats to cute snowy birds and bathing monkeys.

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Finding Pet-Friendly Apartments in Japan: Honesty is the Best Policy

Be a responsible pet owner in Japan by choosing pet-friendly apartments, ensuring a happy home for you and your furry friend while respecting the rules and saving money and headaches.

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Jurassic Jaunt: 5 Places to See Dinosaurs in Japan

Whether you're a kid or a kid at heart, you'll love these dinosaur-themed attractions and parks found across Japan.

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Animal Symbolism of Shrines and Temples in Japan

Learn why a cat is lucky, why pregnant women want to have a dog's day and why you should never mess with crabs.

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8 Deadly Animals Living in Japan

Bear with me during the puns as we face the most dangerous animals in Japan.

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Experience Releasing Baby Sea Turtles in Shizuoka Prefecture

Here's how you can help the next generation of loggerhead sea turtles get a headstart in life.

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