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Furikomi A Step by Step Guide to Bank Transfers in Japan

Furikomi: A Step by Step Guide to Bank Transfers in Japan

Here is a step by step guide to making bank transfers in Japan—including all the Japanese and kanji you'll need to know.

By 4 min read


Why MobalPay is Your Expat Survival Payment Card in Japan

Discover MobalPay, the ultimate Japanese payment card for expats. No residency or credit checks. Easy application, quick setup and versatile usage.

By 5 min read


Banking Made Easy: Why Suruga Bank is Best for Foreigners in Japan

Banking in Japan as a foreigner can be a pain, but with Suruga Bank, it doesn’t have to be.

By 4 min read


A Primer on Accessing Cryptocurrency in Japan

If you’re not already invested, you may be wondering how to get into the world of cryptocurrencies in Japan. Here are some fundamentals.

By 8 min read


Tweet of the Week 121: System Failure Hits 5,000 Mizuho Bank ATMs

ATMs are eating everyone's bank card in Japan!

By 3 min read


The Resona Group App is a One-stop Resource for all Your Banking Needs

Send money home from Japan and manage your finances with just one tap of your cell phone.

By 4 min read 1