Abe’s COVID-19 Two Mask Policy Becomes Laughing Stock on Twitter

Each household in Japan will receive two cloth masks to combat the coronavirus. Good luck to families of three or more.

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Tokyo 2020 Olympics Postponed due to COVID-19: Where Do we go From Here?

With coronavirus wreaking havoc worldwide, The Tokyo 2020 Olympics will be held off for a year. Where does this leave travelers who already planned their trip to Japan?

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Persevering through COVID-19: What we Can Learn from Japan’s Cherry Blossoms

Like the temporary nature of the cherry blossom season, this too shall pass.

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The Coronavirus Situation in Japan

Everything you need to know about COVID-19 in Japan so far.

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What are ALTs’ Rights During the Coronavirus School Closures in Japan?

Assistant Language Teachers are still entitled to a percentage of their pay if their schools are closed during the shutdown.

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A Comprehensive List of Closed Tourist Attractions in Japan Due to the Coronavirus

It's still undetermined when TeamLab Borderless will reopen.

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This Is What It's Like to Tour Inside the Fukushima Exclusion Zone