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Cost of Living

Average cost of living in Japan

What Is the Average Cost of Living in Japan?

It's not as expensive as you might think.

By 4 min read


How Much Is the Average Rent in Tokyo?

Learn what the cheapest and most expensive areas are for living in Tokyo.

By 7 min read


What Is The Average Salary in Japan in 2024?

The average salary in Japan is ¥4.58 million per year. But is this true for everyone? How do bonuses and other factors impact these salaries?

By 6 min read


Everything You Need to Know About Being Paid to Leave Tokyo

Families are being paid to leave Tokyo for the Japanese countryside, but there may be several catches.

By 4 min read


Sakura House & Sakura Hotel: Your Second Home in Japan

To celebrate 30 years of accommodations for foreigners in Japan, Sakura House has released a new video highlighting their guests, memories and services.

By 3 min read


How to Bargain in Japanese

Useful Japanese for negotiating a discount in different situations from shopping to signing an apartment contract.

By 3 min read


Unexpected Fees to Expect in Japan

And how to cut down on some of the surprise costs.

By 5 min read 31


How to Rent an Apartment in Japan

Finding an apartment in Japan made easy!

By 5 min read 24