English Teaching

After a tumultuous year, how can teachers in Japan give their students a positive experience at the conclusion of their school experience?

Beating the Graduation Blues in 2021

Kids won’t get the graduation ceremony they deserve this year. What can we, as teachers, do to help them finish school on a high?

By 7 min read


6 Types of Eikaiwa Students and How to Handle Them

Tips and tricks for English conversation teachers to keep their confidence in the classroom.

By 8 min read


A Coronavirus Christmas: How Foreign Teachers are Coping Without Going Home for the Holidays

With international travel heavily restricted, how are some of Japan’s foreign teachers coping with the situation?

By 5 min read


Navigating Controversial Topics During English Lessons in Japan

What do you do when your students say something racist or ask you about politics?

By 8 min read


Coping with Corona: A Mental Survival Guide

A look at the long term impacts of the coronavirus and strategies for tackling them while living in Japan.

By 6 min read