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Badminton in Japan

Badminton Clubs and Tournaments in Japan

Do you want to pick up badminton or find a club to play with other plays in Japan? Here is a quick rundown on how to do it.

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10 Running Routes in Tokyo for Runners of All Levels

Here are routes for runners of all levels who want a good run across Tokyo.

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Get One Step Closer to Your Fitness Goals with AC Fit Kojimachi Studio

Discover a fitness style that is perfect for you!

By 6 min read


Urban Oasis: How to Enjoy a Swimming Pool in Japan

Dive into a quick guide to swimming pools in Japan, from where to find them to what to wear.

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Follow the Blue Line: 5 Must-Ride National Cycling Routes in Japan

If there’s the 100 famous mountains for hikers, this is the list that cyclists need to ride at least once in Japan.

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Choosing your own bicycle in Japan

From folding bikes to road bikes and everything else in between.

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Social Fitness Groups to Keep Active in Japan

The hardest part about getting and staying fit is showing up, especially when you don’t know how to start.

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