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February 10, 2014

GPod 12: How To Rent An Apartment In Tokyo

One of the first major challenges that many foreigners face when moving to Japan is renting an apartment. To help us understand this process we are joined by Adam German from Real Estate Japan, who is going to guide us through the necessary steps of securing your new home in Japan.

February 6, 2014

Basic Guide to Using A Japanese Air Conditioner

Freezing winters. Smoking hot summers. Japan is a land of weather extremes. Mastering the functions of your a/c remote is key to staying comfortable in Japan.

In this quick guide we take a look at some of the common kanji that you will find on your remote control.

December 13, 2013

Inside Sakura House

Finding an apartment in Tokyo can be a challenge for anyone new to Japan. We take a look at one of the best known foreigner friendly property management companies in Japan.

November 26, 2013

Renting an Apartment in Tokyo

Renting an apartment in Tokyo can be a daunting task. You’ve given up the security and comfort of your home country to start a new life in Japan and getting your apartment set up as quickly and easily as possible is tops on your priority list.