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Shinryoku Season: A Time of New Life and New Green

Learning to appreciate the little-known season that follows the cherry blossoms.

By 4 min read


Peace in Hyogo: Forest Bathing and Therapy Roads in Japan

Want to leave the hustle and bustle of the city and explore the stunning nature of Hyogo? Read this guide to discover the therapy roads!

By 5 min read


5 Spots to Experience the Outdoors in Japan’s Northern Kyushu

Northern Kyushu is a perfect destination to combine hiking with Japanese cultural experiences.

By 5 min read


What Not to Do When Hiking in Japan

A guide to avoiding the (literal) pitfalls of hiking in Japan through the eyes of someone who tried and tested all the mistakes 

By 5 min read


5 Trails in Japan I Can’t Wait to Hike Again When it’s Safe to Travel

Are you daydreaming about getting back to nature in Japan?

By 7 min read


5 Incredible Mountains to Hike in Japan

Check out these non-Fuji mountainous destinations that are worth a climb at any time of the year.

By 3 min read 4


Mountain Day in Japan

How have the mountains blessed you?

By 1 min read


Weekend Trip: Walking The Nakasendo Trail

Short, sweet and relaxing; a weekend discovering the history of the Kiso Valley and Nakasendo Way is an ideal getaway for history buffs and nature lovers alike — with lots of good, cheap snacks and fresh water sources along the way.

By 6 min read 1