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How to Japan

Live Four Ways to Insulate Your Japanese Apartment and Save Money

Four Ways to Insulate Your Japanese Apartment and Save Money

Winter in Japan means cold toes and high energy bills. Follow these simple tips to insulate your apartment and keep your toes and wallet happy.

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Nengajo: How to Send a Japanese New Year Postcard

Living in Japan or know somebody who does? Here’s how to send a nengajo and win culture points for 2021!

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Dealing With Mosquitoes In Japan

Summer in Japan means high humidity and mosquitos! Luckily, there are plenty of products available for dealing with the annoying blood suckers!

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Japanese Vocabulary for Buying a Home in Japan

How to properly purchase property.

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Kanji Cheat Sheet: Navigating Bicycle Parking in Japan

Park it like it’s hot.

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Kanji Cheat Sheet: Using the Ramen Ticket Machine in Japan

Because the longer it takes you to order ramen, the longer it takes to eat it.

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How to Write a Japanese Resume

Follow this step by step guide for writing your Japanese resume.

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6 Things to Look for When Choosing a Japanese Language School

So you want to study Japanese in Japan? Find the right school for you with these tips.

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What do Japanese Apartment Layout Terms Mean?

Confused about the layout terminology of Japanese apartments. Here's a quick guide to the terminology.

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Japan 101: Tips and Tricks to Get You Through the Winter

Winter has finally come. The ways Japanese people deal with winter may leave you puzzled but while here — take advantage of the many inventions this country has to combat the cold.

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What the FAQ? Studying in Japan

Welcome to the ultimate guide to living and surviving in Japan as a foreigner: What the FAQ. First up, we're answering your questions about studying here.

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Japanese Body Language: 7 Key Gestures to Learn

Combat confusion by learning to speak the unspoken language of Japan.

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