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Japanese School Life

Vocational school in Japan

What You Can Study at a Vocational School in Japan

Vocational schools are a great way to start a career in Japan, but what fields of study are available? Graphic design, architecture, fashion, tourism, videogames and more—learn all about what Akademeia 21st Century can offer.

By 4 min read


Why You Need To Know Japanese Before You Study In Japan

Here's a quick rundown on why you should know Japanese before studying at a Japanese language school. 

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Types of Students You’ll See at English Speech Contests in Japan

Hello, everyone! Do you like cats? I have a cat. I love my cat. And I love the Olympics.

By 2 min read


Types of People You’ll See in Every Japanese School Staffroom

What is with that student that always barges in during the meeting?

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What Is It Like to Teach English in Japan?

This video about every ALTs first lesson at a Japanese school is so relatable it hurts.

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Petition Against Forcible Hair Dyeing in Japanese Schools Receives Nationwide Support

Should students have to dye their natural hair to go to school? These 17,730 signatures say no.

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These Are Some of the Craziest Questions ALTs Of Color in Japan Get Asked

Yup, your sweet student really did just say that.

By 7 min read


Wet Hot Japanese Summer: Keeping Cool in the Classroom

How can we deliver engaging, informative lessons that students will retain, when neither they — nor you — want to be in a sweltering classroom with no AC?

By 6 min read


Teaching in Japan: An Ode to School Lunch

Many ALTs in elementary and junior high school will get to experience eating school lunch with their students. So what's it like?

By 5 min read