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Netflix Japan 10 Series to Binge in 2019

Netflix Japan: 10 Series to Binge in 2019

Turn on the AC, buy some ice cream, and check out these recommended titles on Japanese Netflix.

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Terrace House Tokyo 2019-2020 Is a Return to Form For the Cult Japanese Reality Show

The first four episodes of the new season explored themes of work and identity — between the potential love triangles, of course.

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This Japanese TV Show Panelist Is Being Praised for Calling Out An Offensive Segment about Gender

Koji 👏 Wakaichi 👏 deserves 👏 an 👏 award 👏.

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5 Japanese Anime Perfect for the ‘Harry Potter’ Fan

Experience the age-old theme of magic presented five different ways in these must-see anime from Japan.

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The 8 Best Unaired Scenes from ‘Terrace House: Opening New Doors’

Thanks to fansubbers on Reddit, you can now watch many of the previously Japanese-only extra clips in English.

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Netflix’s Rea(L)ove: The Raunchy Japanese Dating Show You’ll Binge in A Day

If Terrace House is the prima donna of Japanese reality TV, then Rea(L)ove is the evil understudy about to sell a scandal to the tabloids.

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Terrace House’s first openly LGBT member proves Japan’s ignorance toward sexual minorities

Shunsuke Ikezoe's bravery challenged Japan's implicit “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy.

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Terrace House reveals dark side of Japan’s attitudes toward consent and women’s sexuality

Seina's quest to find love on reality show Terrace House uncovered some troubling perspectives.

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You Have to See These Ridiculous Japanese CG Crime Reenactments

Asahi TV crime show goes full Street Fighter and Twitter is living for it.

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