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washing machine laundry in Japan

Laundry in Japan: Detergent, Bleach and Tips

Are you doing laundry in Japan the right way? Did you know there is detergent for drying clothes inside? Read here to learn more!

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10 Great Anime for Learning Japanese

Love anime and want to learn Japanese? Here are 10 anime for a fun and engaging way to familiarize yourself with the language.

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The 10 Best Phone Apps for Learning Japanese

Find your new favorite app to level up your Japanese!

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Is a Japanese Language School Better Than Self-Study?

Explore the pros and cons of enrolling in a language school versus self-study methods for mastering Japanese, and discover which approach best suits your learning style.

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How to Use Japanese Counters

You can count on us to make Japanese counters easy! Let's sum of the basics with real-world examples.

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Radical Kanji: Intermediate Japanese for Understanding Kanji ‘Pieces’

Learn how to break down kanji into easier, bite-sized chunks.  

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5 More Games for Learning Japanese

Try these games to supplement (or take a breather from) your textbooks.

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What is the JLPT (Japanese Language Proficiency Test)?

Here’s a quick overview of how the JLPT affects your job prospects in Japan.

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Start Your Japanese Learning Journey Here: 20+ Easy Phrases for Beginners

Want to start learning Japanese? We have over 20 easy phrases that can help you get started with things like going out to eat or shopping!

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Language Crossroads: 5 Japanese Words That Made Their Way into English

Most people know that ninja and sushi are Japanese, but some English words have hidden Japanese origins. Here are five you might not have known about.

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Decoding Japanese Net-Speak: Unveiling Online Abbreviations

Young Japanese people have mastered reducing complicated Japanese phrases to a couple of Roman letters. From KY to DQN, let's look at some of these online code words.

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