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New Year’s Eve

Masashi Inari Shrine

Year of the Dragon: Where To Find Dragons in Japan

From spectacular carvings to ancient legends, explore nine of Japan’s top dragon-themed sites this new year.

By 5 min read


Best Shrines For Hatsumode in Japan

Our choices for the top Shinto shrines to ring in the New Year in Japan.

By 4 min read


7 Plants and Flowers For Japanese New Year

As we approach the new year, beautiful arrangements appear in front of homes and businesses across Japan. But did you know that every stalk and flower was chosen for its specific symbolism?

By 5 min read


Japanese Recipe Adventures: New Year’s Osechi

Celebrate the New Year with this traditional Japanese meal prep.

By 6 min read


5 Japanese New Year Traditions You Should Follow

Here's how and why you should apply these Japanese New Year rituals to your own goals for a mindful start.

By 5 min read