What You Need to Know About Abe’s Resignation

Japan's Prime Minister Shinzo Abe has announced he's stepping down. Why, what does this mean, and who's up for the job?

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Voices from the Black Lives Matter Tokyo Protest

Over 3,000 people marched in Tokyo for Black Lives Matter. Here are the voices of organizers and protesters.

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Japan’s Attempt to Ease Strict Entry Bans for Foreign Residents Too Little, Too Late

Foreign residents of Japan have been left stranded overseas for months as the country closed its borders over COVID-19.

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Tweet of the Week #85: Racist NHK Video on US BLM Protests Sparks Outrage

We're not buying that ridiculous 'apology' either.

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Photos from Black Lives Matter March in Osaka with Over 1,000 Protesters

The global movement has reached Japan.

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Mount Fuji Closed for 2020 Climbing Season

You’ll have to take the climb off your bucket list this year, but don’t worry, you can be better prepared for next year.

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The Death Of Terrace House Cast Member Hana Kimura and Japan’s Mental Health Struggles

Cyberbullying, suicide, and the false reality of Reality TV.

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Japan’s COVID-19 State of Emergency: What You Need to Know

The nationwide state of emergency has been lifted, but we're not back to normalcy just yet.

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How to Fill in Japan’s COVID-19 Stimulus Application

A step-by-step breakdown with English translations and tips for applying online.

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Yes, Foreigners are Eligible for Japan’s ¥100,000 COVID-19 Stimulus Package

From how to receive the money to whether you can claim stimulus payments from your home country, here’s what you need to know.

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Abe’s COVID-19 Two Mask Policy Becomes Laughing Stock on Twitter

Each household in Japan will receive two cloth masks to combat the coronavirus. Good luck to families of three or more.

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Into the Mind of Shintaro Kago, One of Japan’s Most Infamous Erotic Manga Artists