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eisa okinawa

5 Ways to Discover Traditional Okinawa Culture

Sample unique music, food and martial arts in Japan’s southernmost prefecture

By 5 min read


Japanese Recipe Adventures: Goya Chanpuru

Beat the heat like an Okinawan with this bitter melon recipe.

By 4 min read


GaijinPot on Location: ‘The Karate Kid’ and ‘Cobra Kai’ in Okinawa

Okinawa is a big part of the Karate Kid franchise, but where are the real-life locations that inspired it?

By 4 min read


Extend your summer at Okinawa’s Kerama Islands

Summer isn't over until the last benimo is eaten.

By 3 min read


Weird Superstitions from Okinawa

With a unique history, subtropical climate, and the beautiful surrounding ocean, Okinawa is must see part of Japan. Learn more about the weird and wonderful superstitions that contribute to their unique culture.

By 5 min read 2


Okinawa Antenna Shop

Sprinkled throughout Tokyo but mainly located near the Marunouchi area, antenna shops are themed-stores that sell specialties from all around Japan. The Ginza Washita Shop is Tokyo's Okinawa antenna shop and offers a huge variety of Okinawan goods, from beauty products to CDs to, of course, beer.

By 2 min read 1