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tokyo tower

15 Spots in Tokyo Every Photographer Should Know

Whether you're a professional photographer or simply a shutterbug, here are some top photo spots you shouldn't miss.

By 4 min read


How To Fall In Love With Oita, Japan, in 25 Photos

Tokyo seemed like a vapid beast after three days in Oita Prefecture.

By 8 min read


5 Things You Should Know About Drones in Japan

What’s the deal with flying drones in Japan? Find out the basics with expert Misha Yurchenko who runs a drone rental service in Tokyo.

By 5 min read 3


10 Japan Travel Instagram Accounts to Follow

Follow these accounts for some serious Japan travel wanderlust.

By 3 min read


Composition Is King | Tips for Better Photos

Composition has a tremendous effect on how we react to images and is one of the most important elements of a good image.

By 4 min read 1


Experiencing Japan With Your Eyes and Your Camera

Remember that photographs should trigger memories of your time in Japan. The photos, themselves, are not the memory. For this to be your reality, find that needed balance.

By 3 min read 3