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hataka ramen

5 Ramen Restaurants to Try in Fukuoka

Fukuoka is filled with tons of ramen restaurants, some spanning generations. With endless options available, what should you slurp while in town?

By 3 min read


5 Regional Ramen You Should Try in Japan

There are all kinds of delicious noodles in Japan. Broaden your local ramen appreciation with five bowls famous beyond their borders.

By 4 min read


3 Michelin-Starred Ramen Joints in Tokyo

What does Japan's best-reviewed ramen taste like?

By 4 min read


Premium Instant Ramen Noodles on Convenience Store Shelves in Japan

Not able to travel within Japan now? No problem! These delicious, premium instant noodles are from famous ramen restaurants.

By 5 min read