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5 Days Exploring Fukushima, Miyagi and Yamagata Prefectures with the JR East Pass

Explore the downfall of samurai, mountain temples, spiral temple and more.

By 7 min read


Staying Afloat in Tohoku: 5 Fun Boat Rides

Drift along through Japan's beautiful Tohoku region via one of these boating adventures.

By 6 min read


5 Days Exploring Akita, Aomori and Iwate Prefectures with the JR East Pass

Foreign residents of Japan can now travel through Tohoku and beyond at a discounted price previously only available to inbound tourists.

By 9 min read


Discover Tohoku with the JR East Pass

Non-native residents of Japan can travel through all of Tohoku and beyond, for a discounted price previously only available to inbound tourists.

By 6 min read


My First Trip to Tohoku: Why It Belongs on Your Post-Pandemic Travel List

From locally sourced food to spiritual healing and incredible scenic views, traveling from coast to coast in Tohoku is an experience you shouldn’t miss.

By 4 min read


Truth by the Barrel: In Search of Kobe’s Finest Sake

A look into Nada Gogo’s centuries-old rustic wood warehouses that have turned into museums, shops and restaurants to tell the public the whole story of sake making.

By 6 min read


Explore Kyushu with the Island’s Ultimate Train Ticket Deal

Get the budget-friendly JR Kyushu Rail Pass and travel Japan’s scenic third island in comfort.

By 5 min read


Advance Your Career with a Business Degree from Doshisha University

Take advantage of a unique learning environment with this Global MBA Program in Kyoto.

Advertorial by Robert Kodama 5 min read


Matsumoto City: Discover The Historical ‘Mitsuboshi Kaidou’

This traditional city in the wild mountains of Nagano is a must-visit for foreigners looking for the consummate Japanese experience.

By 1 min read


Kanazawa City: A Star on Japan’s Historical ‘Mitsuboshi Kaidou’

Uncover the remnants of samurai, geisha and traditional crafts from the past. 

By 2 min read


Recruiters at Apex Thrive Under Any Circumstance

One of Japan’s top recruitment agencies is seeking professionals to join its award-winning team.

By 3 min read


A Grand Tour of the Mitsuboshi Kaidou, Japan’s ‘Three-Star Road’

The Mitsuboshi Kaidou is a well kept secret packed full of scenic spots and experiences surrounded by traditional Japanese culture.

By 9 min read