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Japanese Study Apps

10 Great Free Apps for Studying Japanese

Supplement your Japanese studies with these apps that don't cost a thing.

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Learn Japanese to Get a Better Job in Japan

Don't want to be an English teacher in Japan? Here are real examples why you should learn Japanese to get a better job in Japan.

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‘Tax’ is 2023’s Kanji of The Year

It's that time of year again! Japan's Kanji of the Year has arrived, and we're here to explain why 2023 was the year of tax. 

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Everything You Need to Know About the JLPT

A practical guide to the Japanese Language Proficiency Test.

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What You Can Study at a Vocational School in Japan

Vocational schools are a great way to start a career in Japan, but what fields of study are available? Graphic design, architecture, fashion, tourism, videogames and more—learn all about what Akademeia 21st Century can offer.

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What to Prepare For a Japanese Student Visa

Coming to Japan to study? Watch this video to know which documents you'll need and what to expect.

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How to Use Japanese Counters

You can count on us to make Japanese counters easy! Let's sum of the basics with real-world examples.

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How Do Compound Kanji Make Japanese Idioms?

Learn how Japanese makes complex phrases and concepts with short characters.

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Radical Kanji: Intermediate Japanese for Understanding Kanji ‘Pieces’

Learn how to break down kanji into easier, bite-sized chunks.  

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Best Places to Study Japanese in Japan

Where is the best place to study Japanese in Japan? Find out in this week's GaijinPot video.

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Start Your Japanese Learning Journey Here: 20+ Easy Phrases for Beginners

Want to start learning Japanese? We have over 20 easy phrases that can help you get started with things like going out to eat or shopping!

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Why You Need To Know Japanese Before You Study In Japan

Here's a quick rundown on why you should know Japanese before studying at a Japanese language school. 

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