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Kanji Cheat Sheet: Filling in the Work History Section of Your Japanese Resume

Make applying for a job in Japanese less intimidating with this guide.

By 1 min read


Kanji Cheat Sheet: Getting a Commuter Pass in Japan

Get a shiny new commuter pass all by yourself with this kanji guide.

By 2 min read


Tweet of the Week #88: 400 Nurses Resign After Being Told They Won’t Get Their Bonus

Learn how to seek and give advice in Japanese with this week's (maddening) tweet.

By 5 min read


10 Great Free Apps for Studying Japanese

My smartphone, already a third limb, has become my pocket sensei.

By 9 min read


Kanji Cheat Sheet: Buying Cleaning Products in Japan

Get things spick and span as quick as you can.

By 2 min read


You Should Learn These Basic Japanese Job Interview Questions

Don’t get caught off guard at the interview. Prepare, practice, perform!

By 3 min read


Japan Ranked Best Study Abroad Destination in Asia

Yeah, we know, studying in Japan is awesome.

By 2 min read


Tweet of the Week #86: Wasabi Farmers Cringe At The Thought of Wasabi-Free Sushi

To wasabi or not to wasabi, that is the question.

By 2 min read


Into the Mind of Shintaro Kago, One of Japan’s Most Infamous Erotic Manga Artists